The Greatest Buffalo Logos in Sports

The term buffalo is used to refer to large animals that are closely related to cows. Animals in this group include the Cape Buffalo of Africa, the Water Buffalo of Asia, and the American/ European Bison. Adult buffalos are famous for their strength and their typical horns that make them very deadly. According to some reports, the animals kill about 200 people every year in Africa alone. Buffalos might look calm from afar, but in reality, they have an unpredictable temperament.

These wild beasts would charge at impending danger with their horns and cause damage that might lead to their predators' death. That is why, to date, the creature has not been domesticated. Interestingly, the animals are celebrated for this wild nature, and many seek it out during trophy hunting. For this purpose, we would be covering the meaning and symbolism of Buffalo in sports. This piece would also cover the top 10 buffalo logos in sports and some interesting facts you must know about them.

Buffalo Meaning & Symbolism in Sports

As a spirit animal, buffaloes represent desires, bravery, kindness, respect, and of course, strength. With its famous mantra, "count your blessing," the buffalo spirit teaches harmonious living through gratitude and appreciation.

Over the years, the animal has been a significant symbol in the lives of the American people. Many native tribes in the United States have years of an oral tradition that speak of the animal's legends and myths. In the past, the beasts were believed to teach humans how to live.

In sports, the animal is used by many teams in the U.S. to show resilience, strength, and team spirit. To show its popularity, a couple of online slots get their theme from the Iconic creature. Buffalo Blitz, Buffalo King, and Classic Buffalo by Aristocrat are just some examples of the many buffalo-themed slots on the internet today. These are Buffalo free slots, free penny slots requiring no deposits, no downloads, and no registration with free spin offers. Like the spirit of abundance that the animal portrays, some of these games are free slots with bonuses. Unlike the buffalo slots online real money, where free spins are a feature, these slots allow players to spin for free without having to pay.

The following is a list of the best team logos featuring the Buffalo.

Buffalo Sabres

The Buffalo Sabres are an ice hockey team founded in 1970 by the Knox Brothers. The team has ever since been playing as part of the National Hockey League of the United States. Since the team plays in Buffalo city, New York, the owners thought it appropriate to name the team after the animal and the city.

The team's logo in 1970 featured a white buffalo running in between two swords (sabres). The emblem had its blue and yellow color variations. The white Buffalo represented the team's name and fighting spirit while the katanas were to show their always winning mood. The logo remained the same for 26 years until 1996 when one of the owners died.

Between 1996 and 2010, the team had changed its logo three times. In 2010, the symbol was reversed again, but the first design from 1970 was readopted with very few graphical details added.

Buffalo Bisons

The Buffalo Bisons are a baseball team that was established in 1877. With over 140 years of existence, their name comes from Buffalo's city, where they play. The team played its first debut in 1985 using a blue-white logo and red colors. In the logo, there was the team's mascot, a buffalo, holding a bat.

Between 1998 and 2013, the team changed their logo three times, usually to showcase their partnership with other groups. In 2013, the team modified the design. The new system came with more red and blue colors to remind their jersey fans from the '80s. The Buffalo, however, was to show their bravery, strength, and power over the years.

Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls are another fantastic team in the U.S. that features the Buffalo in their team logo. The group started in 1940 after several failed attempts. In January 1966, they played their first game, and ever since, they've used the same logo. That is, the head of a buffalo that seems to be very angry. On the bull's horns, there are drops of blood to depict the ferociousness of the team. Overall, the logo of the team depicts bravery, aggression, and slaughter.

Buffalo Braves

The Buffalo Braves, now known as the Los Angeles Clippers, started playing in 1970. From 1970 to 1971, the team featured a buffalo in the middle of yellow basketball. Feathers surrounded the basketball as their logo. The blue Buffalo was a sign of strength. It also signified their undefeatable power. In 1971, the symbol changed into a blue "B sign" representing the Buffalo. However, it had to be modified in 1978 when the team moved to Los Angeles and changed their name.

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills is a professional football team founded in 1960. The team joined the NFL of the U.S. in 1970, and ever since, they have used four logos. From 1960 to 1961, the logo had buffalos running alongside a team member. In 1962, the logo became a buffalo and one team member. The team resulted in using only the Red Buffalo in 1970, a design that they flagged for the next three years. At the moment, the group uses a design from 1973, a flying buffalo with a red stripe. The flying bison is to show that the team is charging for victory into the clouds. The red line is to show their onward movement.

Bucknell Bison

The Bucknell Bison is the name of the department of sports at Bucknell University. In 1923, under the leadership of Dr. William Bartol, the university chose the bison as their mascot animal. According to him, the choice was justified since the university was in the Buffalo Valley in the United States.
Using the mascot animal in 1990, the department came up with a design showing the blue bison charging out with a red sign on the side. The logo at the time stood for resilience, strength, and determination. The red stripe was for dynamics and speed.

In 2002, the team had a change of design because their previous design was too common. The new design was more illustrative. It has an aggressive orange bull charging out on a sign that boldly reads "Bucknell Bison."

Buffalo Bulls

The Buffalo Bulls is a football team representing the University of Buffalo in the United States' New York City. Their first logo in 1997 was a shiny blue head of a buffalo. The Buffalo had white horns to show the colors of the team. The logo was altered to only the U and B from the University's name in 2006. By 2016, the team had the logo changed to an aggressive bull with white eyes. The logo was to signify the strength, vigor, and power of the group.

Red Bull Racing

The Red Bull Racing, also called RBR, or Aston Martin Racing Red Bull Racing runs in the UK. Currently, the group owns a license in Australia and therefore competes under the Formula 1 racing. The team started in 2005 with its logo having two red bulls and a checkered flag to signify power and speed. Since inception, only a few modifications have been added to the logo, mainly to reflect their sponsorship. As of today, Aston Martin sponsors the team. And so the name is boldly displayed along with two bulls fighting in front of the sun.

Saigon Buffalo

The Saigon Buffalo is an eSports organization based in Vietnam. Created in 2016, the team has had its logo changed three times. All three times were to reflect changes in its name. They designed their present logo in 2020, and it features a red buffalo head. The only difference from the old design is Buffalo's red eyes that match its face's aggression. The banner on top of its head changed from Charging Buffalo since the team changed its name. Now the logo carries the name of the group, Siagon Buffalo.

Buffalo Slots

Buffalos feature in online gaming. Seeing the slots' success on land, developers have decided to produce slots with the buffalo theme. The pokies use the buffalos because they symbolize wealth and also due to their popularity across America. The Buffalo slots do not have only buffalo symbols; they usually come with other animals like wolves, mountain lions, and tomahawks. While you can play them for cash, the Buffalo free slots also exist in their numbers. They allow you to gain experience without having to pay a dime. Some popular pokies with the theme include Mystic Buffalo, Buffalo Rising, Buffalo Stampede, Buffalo Diamond, etc.

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