How Impressive is Brett Favre’s Penis … on a Resume?

What does it mean for your career when Brett Favre's penis is on your resume? That's the question I can't get away from in this saga. I feel like that is a not-so-awful path to stardom. There are certainly worse ways to become famous. Kim Kardashian had to have consensual sex with a man on video. Erin Andrews had to dance around naked on video. And Barbaro had to die. Having a legendary quarterback sext you a picture of his junk is at least one rung higher than those.

Brett Favre will have no problem distancing himself from the accusations that he sent sports television personality Jenn Sterger pictures of his junk when they both worked for the Jets. He'll move past it with ease because he's white (race card alert!).

If the media wanted another Tiger Woods, they could probably crucify 100 different professional athletes, but not Brett Favre. His crime is that he's stupid. That's not even what we should hate most about him. That should be his ridiculous commercials for jeans. Or, if you want to belittle him for anything, laugh at him for his addiction to painkillers. A crippling addiction is funny, right?

Sterger, on the other hand, is going to emerge from this "controversy" as a legitimate sports personality. This is how it happens. This is how people "make the leap" in fame. Something tabloid-worthy has to happen to you. Whether it's being videotaped naked through a peephole, or whether it's placing your mouth on someone's peephole (also on videotape), it doesn't matter. How you get to Fametown isn't nearly as important as being there.

Look at Kim Kardashian. Does anyone care about her sex tape? No. She's a "reality television star." Not an "amateur cocksucker." All that matters for Sterger is that she's in the news. That people know who she is. And thus, a star is born.

To be fair, this is more like a career revival for Sterger. Everyone who knew her name before this incident knows her backstory. She was shown a few times on a nationally-televised broadcast of a college football game and from that, somehow became a model, in Playboy of all places.

Her claim to fame is dressing like a tramp at a football game. I'm not judging her. In fact, I fully support this, and hope to see more copycats in the future.

Not enough people knew of Sterger, though, even after the Playboy pictorial. She was able to parlay her assets (boobs) into a job with the Jets that didn't last too long. She has never portrayed herself as an expert and I can attest to that fact, as I booked her for an interview when I was producing a radio show.

Before Favredickgate hit the news, Sterger was hosting the Versus version of "SportsCenter." It's entirely possible I'm making that up, but people cared so little of what she was up to that I don't even want to take the time to fact-check that one line. Some people don't even know what Versus is and 100 percent of people had no idea they even had a "SportsCenter"-esque show.

So while it was her own chest that got her on the radar, it was Brett Favre's penis that helped her make the leap to the next level. I hope she never forgets that. I kept a framed copy of the first paycheck I ever received from Similarly, I hope she keeps a framed photo of Brett Favre's junk.

The only thing that could potentially be a problem here is if this just doesn't blow up big enough. The public could be over-saturated with sports sex scandals on the heels of the Tiger Woods scandal, so this might not do much for people. If that's the case, Sterger might have to get a real job.

And, when she goes in for that interview, the most impressive thing on her resume will be Brett Favre's penis.

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