The Goalpost Wagging the Rim

Sports PhotoDecisions made on the football field and basketball court can be completely different. But decisions made off those fields of play may be inextricably linked. SC’s Jonathan Lowe tries to sort through the blend. Complete Story

The Vengeance of the “12”

Sports PhotoFour powerhouses recently pledged their futures to new allegiances. But are colleagues providing hard roads before lying in the wake of those pasts? SC’s Jonathan Lowe looks for revenge paths. Complete Story

08.20.22 B1G Step-Up Calls For Action Nationwide By Jean Neuberger
07.08.22 Survival of the Fittest By Jean Neuberger
07.05.22 16-Team Conferences in FBS? No Problem By Anthony Brancato

Foul Territory: A Dash, Some Cash, and a Rash (of Injuries)

Sports PhotoIn this edition of Foul Territory, an Italian whacks the men’s 100-meter dash field, while the Lakers go “West” for the quest. The Colts go limp, and it’s Steph Curry from deep (into the Warriors’ pockets). Complete Story

Is History Repeating With the PGA/LIV Split?

Sports PhotoThe recent split of the PGA Tour has the potential to shake up professional golf for years to come. As the developments and defections have unfolded, SC’s Ross Lancaster couldn’t help but think of another proud American sports league that became a stalemate between two sides. Complete Story

04.28.22 Scheffler Eyeing Historic Grand Slam After Masters Win By Marc James
12.23.21 Golf’s Top Players Get Their Wish By Marc James
03.15.21 2021 Masters Preview By Marc James

Just … No*

Sports PhotoAbout that revived talk of the asterisk that did. not. exist. lawfully. or otherwise, with Aaron Judge meeting Roger Maris? SC’s Jeff Kallman says knock it the hell off. Complete Story

09.30.22 Well-Understood Judge Meets Misunderstood Maris By Jeff Kallman
09.26.22 Paid in Full to Club 700 By Jeff Kallman
09.20.22 Going Like Sixty? By Jeff Kallman

Looking at 2023 NBA Title Odds

Sports PhotoWith NBA free agency winding down, and the new season about 90 days away, SC’s Ross Lancaster takes a look at the NBA title odds for next season. Here’s teams with good value and teams to stay away from. Complete Story

06.13.22 NBA Finals: Searching the Latest Trends By Jonathan Lowe
05.23.22 In Appreciation of Erik Spoelstra By Ross Lancaster
05.17.22 Sixers’ “Quick Fix” Fails By Anthony Brancato

Eagles Lead Sloppy NFL

Sports PhotoIt’s baaaaack! And “it” is the dreaded “parity” that first became noticeable in the late ’70s and early ’80s. SC’s Anthony Brancato, quoting part of a joke that got WABC-TV weatherman Tex Antoine fired around that time, says that you can’t do anything about it, so just enjoy it. Complete Story

09.29.22 NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 4 By Jeffrey Boswell
09.27.22 Pro Bowl Was Living on Borrowed Time By Anthony Brancato
09.22.22 NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 3 By Jeffrey Boswell

NHL Needs to Follow NBA’s Lead, As Always

Sports PhotoSince the NBA and the NHL have always closely followed one another when it comes to their respective playoff formats, SC’s Anthony Brancato asks why stop now? It’s time for the NHL to implement a “play-in.” Complete Story

03.07.22 Russia/Ukraine War and the NHL By Martin Banks
06.29.21 NHL Needs to Get “Krakin’” on Realignment By Anthony Brancato
11.11.20 What’s the Future Hold For Ovechkin? By Marc James

NASCAR Top 10 Power Rankings: Texas

Sports PhotoTyler Reddick took control late and cruised to the win in the EchoPark Automotive 500 at Texas. Joey Logano finished second and leads the playoff standings as a number of contenders suffered tire issues. Check out Jeffrey Boswell’s power rankings! Complete Story

09.21.22 NASCAR Top 10 Power Rankings: Bristol Night Race By Jeffrey Boswell
09.14.22 NASCAR Top 10 Power Rankings: Kansas By Jeffrey Boswell
09.07.22 NASCAR Top 10 Power Rankings: Darlington By Jeffrey Boswell

The Anatomy of Two Firings

Sports PhotoSC’s Kevin Beane compares and contrasts the hirings and firings of Herm Edwards and Scott Frost. One was good. One was bad. Find out which was which in this edition of the Slant Pattern with SC’s Kevin Beane. Complete Story

Super Bowl 50 Aftermath

Sports PhotoSuper Bowl 50 is in the books, and SC’s Jeffrey Boswell takes a look back at Super Bowl Sunday’s contest. Is Peyton Manning done? What were the best commercials? And can Cam Newton recover from defeat better than he recovers a fumble? Complete Story

02.06.14 Sports Q&A: Super Bowl XLVIII Aftermath By Jeffrey Boswell
02.07.13 Sports Q&A: Super Bowl XLVII Edition By Jeffrey Boswell
05.11.12 Sports Q&A: The Truth Won’t Set You Free By Jeffrey Boswell

French Open 2022 Preview & Draws

Sports PhotoThe second Grand Slam of the tennis calendar is here, as the world’s best tennis players head to Paris for the French Open. In both the men’s and women’s draws, the tournament looks wide-open and we look set for two weeks of top tennis action. Complete Story

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