Potential Landing Spots For Mark Richt

For 15 years, Mark Richt coached the Georgia Bulldogs football team. He had plenty of success over that span, including two SEC Championships. Richt has managed 10 or more wins in nine seasons. With a win in a bowl game this year, Richt can make that an even 10 seasons with double-digit wins. But no matter what happens in the Bulldogs' bowl game this year, Richt will be leaving town afterwards.

Georgia's athletic director, Greg McGarity, has informed Richt that his time as Georgia's head football coach is up after this year's bowl game. The catalyst was this disappointing 9-3 season, which saw the Bulldogs fall from preseason favorites to regular-season also-rans in the SEC East. Ending the season with four straight wins wasn't enough to make up for a disappointing 5-3 start that included losses to SEC rivals like Alabama, Florida, and Tennessee.

Richt may be done in Georgia, but he's already on the record saying that he's not through with coaching. Plenty of big-name programs are sure to get on the phone with him. So where will Richt end up? Here are our top picks.

Florida State

Most of Richt's likely landing spots are programs that have fired (or are about to fire) their head coaches. But a couple of other schools could enter the mix if they lose their own head coach. Florida State is the most intriguing of these possibilities. Jimbo Fisher claims he isn't going anywhere, but he's apparently heard overtures from LSU and could hear more from Georgia now that Richt is out. Will FSU then go after Richt?


Miami was once one of college football's great powerhouses — and Richt was once the Hurricanes' quarterback. Florida is Richt's home state, so this is a very good fit. Of course, Miami will have to be prepared to spend top dollar on a big-name coach — unless Richt would take a hometown discount, of course. This is one of the most common-sense fits from Richt's perspective, but the road block may be Miami's budget, which of course is beyond Richt's control.


How about another SEC team? Gary Pinkel is all but sure to be out at Missouri after the season. Missouri will probably take a look at Richt, who has had a very successful decade and a half in Missouri's own SEC East. The fit makes sense for Richt, too, as he'll certainly want to stick with a big-name program and may want to remain in the SEC. If Richt goes to Mizzou, circle their game against the Georgia Bulldogs.

South Carolina

Yes, another SEC team. South Carolina is very close to Richt's familiar recruiting grounds, and it would give him the chance to stay in a conference that he knows well. Plus, South Carolina has a history of going after big-name coaches. Of all of the potential fits, this seems to make the most sense from the school's side — and that will matter a lot, as money will certainly be a factor in signing a coach with as high a profile as Richt.

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