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Nine Observations After This Weekend’s Action

Sports PhotoSeven weeks in, SC’s Jean Neuberger gives his current observations into this very unique college football season. Complete Story

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Disjointed Fan Attendance Policies Are a Problem

Sports PhotoConfusion and disorganization abounds when it comes to fan attendance guidelines at college football games in 2020, so which conferences and schools are doing the right thing? SC’s Steve Brenna takes a look. Complete Story

The B1G Reversal

Sports PhotoThe Big Ten finally came to their senses and decided to enter the college football realm for 2020. However, as SC’s Jean Neuberger points out, the conference and their alums have to realize that their clout and credibility has seriously taken a hit. Complete Story

All That Matters in a COVID Season

Sports PhotoThere’s a different feel to this year’s college football season, from the tangible to the abstract. SC’s Jonathan Lowe looks into one of the abstract mottos of the sport and explains why it’s more important than ever. Complete Story

The B1G Gamble

Sports PhotoTo play or not to play is the question engulfing college football. SC’s Jean Neuberger says it’s not the conferences playing though that face the biggest pressure, rather the ones that aren’t. Complete Story

College Football? It’s When, Not If

Sports PhotoCollege football is a massive boost of revenue for so many American towns. And, as SC’s Jean Neuberger states, its vast importance makes it essential for the NCAA to find a way to play it this year. Complete Story

Where Burrow Stands Among All-Time Greats

Sports PhotoThere’s no doubt Joe Burrow had a storybook season, but is one season enough to cement legendary status? SC’s Steve Brenna examines how Burrow’s historic year stacks up against prolific quarterback campaigns of recent memory. Complete Story

CFP Championship: Trust Your Feelings

Sports PhotoFeeling a bit anxious waiting for the College Football Playoff Championship Game? So is SC’s Jonathan Lowe. He says why, along with what he’s feeling about a couple more intriguing headline matchups on tap. Complete Story

A Fitting Finale: The Battle of Tigers

Sports PhotoWe’re down to two for the national title in the College Football Playoff. SC’s Jean Neuberger takes a look at how we got to a national title game between two Tigers. Complete Story

Four Bowl Matchups Worth Watching

Sports PhotoDozens of throw-away bowl games got you frustrated this holiday season? SC’s Steve Brenna has a couple hot tips on bowl games worth your viewing pleasure. Complete Story

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