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No Rest For the Curious

Sports PhotoEven though all of the seconds have ticked off of college football’s clock, the conversations continue. SC’s Jonathan Lowe looks at some of the end-of-season stories that will keep us asking questions through the spring and summer. Complete Story

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Five Bets to Make While Enjoying Bowl Season

Sports PhotoWith the fun of extra football in mind, SC’s Ross Lancaster offers up a few bets you can make during bowl season. Complete Story

Those Rarities Against Analytics

Sports PhotoAnalytics is the hottest trend in sports. But is it all good? SC’s Jonathan Lowe digs into the bad in following the numbers, especially in the case of a couple Power 5 schools. Complete Story

A Return to Relevancy For Hire

Sports PhotoWe haven’t yet reached the end of October, and some new job openings have a posted at a stadium near you. Piggybacking off last month’s Slant Pattern, SC’s Jonathan Lowe digs into the new firings and if those teams can turn their fortunes around. Complete Story

How I Learned to Stop Worrying About the Playoff

Sports PhotoSC’s Ross Lancaster has become burnt out on the College Football Playoff industrial complex, but not college football at large. For him, in 2022, that means paying more attention to the teams in his backyard. Complete Story

The Vengeance of the “12”

Sports PhotoFour powerhouses recently pledged their futures to new allegiances. But are colleagues providing hard roads before lying in the wake of those pasts? SC’s Jonathan Lowe looks for revenge paths. Complete Story

B1G Step-Up Calls For Action Nationwide

Sports PhotoThe Big Ten’s massive new TV rights deal has given Kevin Warren his biggest win so far. SC’s Jean Neuberger discusses what other conferences must do to keep up with football’s biggest power brokers. Complete Story

Survival of the Fittest

Sports PhotoCollege football was stunned by the news of USC and UCLA headed to the Big Ten. What does this mean for the current state of college football? SC’s Jean Neuberger explores the new hierarchy of the sport. Complete Story

16-Team Conferences in FBS? No Problem

Sports PhotoThe concept of the “Power Five” conferences is rounding “Power Four” and on its way to “Power Three.” But 16, the number of teams in two of the conferences already, could be sweet indeed, providing that it is done right. SC’s Anthony Brancato has found a path toward doing just that. Complete Story

Divisions, Pods, or Free-For-All?

Sports PhotoWith the recent NCAA move to let conferences decide whether divisions are necessary, SC’s Jean Neuberger weighs the pros and cons of having divisions in college football, versus scrapping them altogether or going to a pod system. Complete Story

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