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Divisions, Pods, or Free-For-All?

Sports PhotoWith the recent NCAA move to let conferences decide whether divisions are necessary, SC’s Jean Neuberger weighs the pros and cons of having divisions in college football, versus scrapping them altogether or going to a pod system. Complete Story

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The NIL Effect

Sports PhotoTop collegiate athletes are making surprise entries into the transfer portal, and NIL money is the culprit for it. SC’s Jean Neuberger makes suggestions to corral the NIL before it gets way too out of hand. Complete Story

Evolution of the Football: From 1869 to 2022

Sports PhotoAmerican football has seen significant changes throughout its history, but few aspects of the game have undergone more change than the ball itself. How did the traditional “pigskin” evolve into the aerodynamic ball we use today? Here’s a walk through the evolution of the football. Complete Story

Southern Invasion For the CFB National Title

Sports PhotoCan Alabama repeat again? Can Georgia shake off the shadows of the past? SC’s Jean Neuberger takes a look at the game and shakes off the critics of the conference that once again features both title teams. Complete Story

Independent Status Dooms Notre Dame

Sports PhotoWhile Notre Dame got jobbed big time by the FBS selection committee, it was at least in part their own fault, for not joining a conference. It’s time for the Irish to get with the program, says SC’s Anthony Brancato. Complete Story

Bowl Predictions: 43 Thoughts on 43 Bowls

Sports PhotoBowl season is upon us, and SC’s Jean Neuberger gives quick, initial thoughts on the entire slate of bowl games that we’ll be watching over the next few weeks. Complete Story

The New, and Somewhat Improved, FBS Overtime Rules

Sports PhotoOn October 23, Illinois stunned Penn State 20-18 in a game that required nine overtimes to decide. That’s morbidly excessive, says SC’s Anthony Brancato. Complete Story

Four Downs: Firings, Playoffs, and Chaos

Sports PhotoSC’s Jean Neuberger takes a glimpse and gives his thoughts at four stories that are currently affecting college football as we move into the month of November. Complete Story

10 Can’t-Miss Games For the Rest of the CFB Season

Sports PhotoAmid the most interesting college football season in years, SC’s Ross Lancaster selects the 10 games most likely to shape the course of the rest of the season. Complete Story

Subtle Shift to Major Shakeup?

Sports PhotoHow much have things really changed since college football got going on Labor Day weekend? SC’s Jonathan Lowe projects those changes and the playoff impacts into what promises to be a crazy October. Complete Story

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