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The Hidden Gems of Bowl Season

Sports PhotoWith the transfer portal and NFL draft entries playing havoc on the players participating in big and small bowls alike, SC’s Ross Lancaster reveals seven bowls that’ll be hidden gems before the College Football Playoff and New Year’s Six. Complete Story

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2023 Bowl Picks Against the Spread

Sports PhotoIn this week’s edition of the Slant Pattern, we go bowling! Not only that, but SC’s Kevin Beane offers a rare over/under play, and gives his two cents on the College Football Playoff controversy. Complete Story

It All Happens in Due Time

Sports PhotoWhat moments helped to define this year in college football? All of the playoff contenders had signature ones. SC’s Jonathan Lowe takes a look. Complete Story

Rule-ing in Hopes of Change

Sports PhotoAs the college football season hits its late stages, a couple of programs are trying to change the course of their “near futures.” SC’s Jonathan Lowe connects these cases to some of the other major headlines. Complete Story

It’s the Last Year of College Football as We Know It

Sports PhotoMajor college football, thanks to realignment, playoff expansion, and the fall of the Pac-12, will change next fall — and not for the better. But SC’s Ross Lancaster looks at why we should still enjoy the last season of the non-super conference era, one of the most compelling ones to date. Complete Story

Looking “Big Picture” Before “End Scene”

Sports PhotoAhead of the chaos that will engulf college football, there are still a number of weeks that need to play out. What should we expect around the country? SC’s Jonathan Lowe offers up the bylines he’s anticipating. Complete Story

I Didn’t Think I’d See You Here

Sports PhotoCollege football is on the doorstep of another season, and fans will welcome the distraction from months of unflattering headlines. SC’s Jonathan Lowe goes through some of the scandalous stories from locations that were a bit unexpected. Complete Story

Relegation in College Football?

Sports PhotoCollege football is now in such chaos that a proposal to turn FBS into a facsimile of British soccer is actually gaining traction. You mean that there isn’t enough money to go around, asks SC’s Anthony Brancato? Complete Story

No Rest For the Curious

Sports PhotoEven though all of the seconds have ticked off of college football’s clock, the conversations continue. SC’s Jonathan Lowe looks at some of the end-of-season stories that will keep us asking questions through the spring and summer. Complete Story

Five Bets to Make While Enjoying Bowl Season

Sports PhotoWith the fun of extra football in mind, SC’s Ross Lancaster offers up a few bets you can make during bowl season. Complete Story

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