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10 Can’t-Miss Games For the Rest of the CFB Season

Sports PhotoAmid the most interesting college football season in years, SC’s Ross Lancaster selects the 10 games most likely to shape the course of the rest of the season. Complete Story

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Subtle Shift to Major Shakeup?

Sports PhotoHow much have things really changed since college football got going on Labor Day weekend? SC’s Jonathan Lowe projects those changes and the playoff impacts into what promises to be a crazy October. Complete Story

Chaos Reigns Supreme

Sports PhotoThree weeks into the season and unlike some seasons, as SC’s Jean Neuberger points out, there’s a lack of teams that have shown to be likely playoff locks this season. Complete Story

Is College Football About to Lose its Soul?

Sports PhotoFull stadiums and the full college football atmosphere are back. But, as SC’s Ross Lancaster writes, coming changes to the College Football Playoff and conference alignments may hurt the sport in the future. Complete Story

College Football’s Uncertain Future is Concerning

Sports PhotoIs it ever too early to think about next year and beyond in college football? SC’s Jonathan Lowe thinks about why he’s so uneasy regarding the sport’s future. Complete Story

Sometimes the Math Adds Up, Sometimes Not

Sports Photo16-team conferences in a realigned FBS telescoped from five “AQ” conferences to four would appear to be viable. But a major sportsbook doesn’t seem to understand that over-under win totals have to balance out. One knows what they’re doing, the other doesn’t, says SC’s Anthony Brancato. Complete Story

How Do You Arrange a 16-Team SEC Conference?

Sports PhotoIt’s official: the SEC is now at 16 teams. SC’s Jean Neuberger explores the options that the conference has to divide the teams for the upcoming scheduling dilemma that a 16-team mega-league could face. Complete Story

The NIL’s Effect on Collegiate Athletics

Sports PhotoNIL has majorly changed the college football landscape. SC’s Jean Neuberger describes the biggest shifts in the game as athletes line up for sponsorships. Complete Story

Proposed 12-Team FBS Playoff Has its Flaws

Sports PhotoIf the FBS is going to triple the size of its playoff field, it must commensurately increase the incentive that accrues to the top teams. SC’s Anthony Brancato explains why that proposed plan falls short. Complete Story

Tinkering With the Transfer Portal

Sports PhotoThe transfer portal is in full swing, but is that a total positive? SC’s Jean Neuberger explains why some changes are needed to keep the portal from going out of control. Complete Story

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