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To Drink or Not to Drink? Football’s New Question

Sports PhotoThe SEC has decided to sell alcohol in their stadiums. Is it a good idea? SC’s Jean Neuberger weights the pros and cons of selling beer in college stadiums. Complete Story

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Why Michigan Football Needs to Win Now

Sports PhotoThe Michigan Wolverines made plenty of headlines when they hired former quarterback Jim Harbaugh to be their head coach. But the Wolverines haven’t lived up to expectations since making the hire. Here’s why the time is now for them. Complete Story

FBS Breakout Stars to Watch in 2019

Sports PhotoNow that a bow has been placed on the 2018 college football season, all eyes shift to the draft. But SC’s Steve Brenna breaks down his top five breakout stars from 2018 who will be returning to campus this fall. Complete Story

Coaches Leaving: Is it Worth It?

Sports PhotoWhen is the “right” time to try a new challenge? For one FCS program, that question might be approaching. But will it be worth it? SC’s Jonathan Lowe takes a look. Complete Story

America, Meet Kyler Murray: Part II

Sports PhotoOklahoma’s newly-minted Heisman Trophy winner is now officially a national headline. SC’s Steve Brenna ponders the insanity that could ensue if the dual-sport star captures a national title at Oklahoma, then walks away from the gridiron for good. Complete Story

CFB Playoff: Eight is Enough

Sports PhotoAs teams like Oklahoma and Ohio State fight for a chance to get the coveted last spot in the College Football Playoff, SC’s Jean Neuberger explains why it’s time to expand the playoff to an eight-team format. Complete Story

Make the FBS Playoff a “Dirty Dozen”

Sports PhotoPrior to 1998, there was no real national championship in major college football. Then came the playoff system known as the BCS, followed by the four-team playoff. But is this enough? It most definitely is not. Complete Story

One Spot (Probably) Remains in the Playoff: Who Gets It?

Sports PhotoThree out of the four spots in the College Football Playoff now look to be pretty safe going into Rivalry Week and Championship Week. SC’s Ross Lancaster breaks down the chase for the last remaining spot, and why it comes down to just four teams. Complete Story

Is Clemson/Alabama IV Inevitable?

Sports PhotoIt’s deja vu all over again with the Crimson Tide and Tigers seemingly on a collision course once again. SC’s Steve Brenna ponders whether anyone can stop college football’s most dominant teams. Complete Story

Top 10 List: Coach of The Year

Sports PhotoAs the college football season continues to unfold, SC’s Jean Neuberger names his list of the top 10 head coaches who’ve performed the best so far this season. Complete Story

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