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Let's see what's been goin' on over the last couple days on Twitter, shall we?

This first one is from Donald Trump, and although it was originally tweeted in 2013, it was un-mothballed by @pourmecoffee yesterday (as I write this).

"I played football and baseball, sorry, but said to be the best bball player in N.Y. State-ask coach Ted Dobias-said best he ever coached."

Sandy Koufax, Lou Gehrig, Carl Yastrzemski, Whitey Ford, Warren Spahn — all from New York. But Trump was better'n them all. We have like a one-third chance of electing a guy who didn't go as far as Kim Jong-il's athletic claims (such as sub-40 rounds of golf), but not that much different, you know?

Speaking of golf, from's twitter:

Rory McIlroy led the field in driving distance and putting average for the first time of his career; finishes 7th in strokes gained putting.

That's pretty ridiculous when the same guy is leading the way in both the brute force-est and most precision-est aspects of the game over a whole tournament. McIlroy also said he had some sort of "breakthrough" in the second round. McIlroy, Jason Day, and Jordan Spieth are all 28 or younger; we might have a helluva battle over the next 20 years.

Former Kissing Suzy Kolber writer Mike Tunison:

"Can someone compile all the pundit Super Bowl picks so I can laugh at the hilariously bad ones in a few months? Cheers - The Content Mocker"

I don't mean to brag, but my content mocking game is strong. I have over 4,000 comments on such influential sports sites as Yahoo! and YouTube, all of them in the following categories:

* Mocking bad predictions
* Correcting bad spelling and grammar in the most insulting possible terms
* Calling for writers to be fired
* Lamenting said writers were hired to begin with
* Twisting anything and everything into a contentious political talking point

Trey Wingo:

"In less than a month ... Mark Sanchez went from starting for the Super Bowl champs to backing up a rookie. Life moves pretty fast around here."

I appreciate the Ferris Bueller quote, but I feel like Mark Sanchez should never be held up as an example of how anything is, ever. There are no patterns, no logic, and no trends in anything involving Mark Sanchez. There are only butt-fumbles, failing upward, and surrealism.

From SB Nation NFL:

"Roberto Aguayo's little brother may be even better. That makes him worth a 1st round pick, right, Bucs fans?"

Man, I don't have the words to describe how tired I am of the lack of respect kickers get. It's so illogical: we can all think of multiple times when having a crap kicker blew a game for our team. We also see lots of P5 colleges who can't even attempt a field goal unless they get inside the 25 because they didn't bother to seriously recruit any kickers, and that handicap costs them games. Yet, in spite of this obvious importance that asserts itself year after year after year, kickers are still bums and even good ones should be ignored in recruiting and in the NFL draft. Doesn't make a lick of sense.

This one was tweeted out just 25 minutes ago as of this writing, but is already blowing up across the different twitter lists I follow. From the Minnesota Vikings official Twitter:

The #Vikings offense's unofficial depth chart for Week 1 at Tennessee.

It's an image, and it shows Shaun Hill as the starter and Sam Bradford as the backup. I'm not sure this is so crazy. Bradford just got into town. While I don't for one second think that Shaun Hill is as good as Sam Bradford, I will point out that their completion percentages and TD/INT ratios are pretty similar, so it's hard for me to see how Bradford gives the Vikings a markedly better chance to win in week 1 before even really knowing the playbook.

Editor for Mark Haselden:

USC player that stomped 'Bama player's groin gets a whole half-game suspension. That'll teach him.

Verily (here's the play in case you missed it). So USC gets him back completely fresh for the second half? A punishment of one half isn't a punishment at all (I might buy it if the suspension was for the second half of a game, but of course it never is), and the callow disrespect in Jabari Ruffin's act makes me happy that his team got throttled so badly.

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