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Slant Pattern Mailbag

Sports PhotoIt’s time for another edition of the Slant Pattern mailbag, where SC’s Kevin Beane looks at the best coaching hires in the college basketball carousel, the most underrated Yankee, the hype around the rebirth of UCLA hoops, and more. Complete Story

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Boxing Betting Preview For April 3rd

Sports PhotoSC’s Kevin Beane breaks down four boxing bouts, including a world title fight, happening in the United Arab Emirates this weekend. The action will take place Saturday afternoon on ESPN+ and the Slant Pattern wants your wallet to be ready! Complete Story

Slant Pattern’s March Madness 2021 Preview

Sports PhotoSC’s Kevin Beane previews the upcoming NCAA tournament, and people might be surprised who he does not think will win it all (Gonzaga), who will (Baylor), a potentially underrated conference (the ACC), and an opening round bet he really loves, all in the latest Slant Pattern! Complete Story

Why Zlatan Got it Wrong About LeBron

Sports PhotoIn this edition of the Slant Pattern, SC’s Kevin Beane joins the chorus of those hitting back at Zlatan Ibrahimovic for telling LeBron James he should stick to sports. Find out why he thinks politics should not be compared to any other profession. Complete Story

World’s Earliest Week 1 College Football Schedule, 2021

Sports PhotoAs he does each year, SC’s Kevin Beane gives the world the earliest Week 1 college football schedule. What conference is suddenly leaning hard into conference games? What SEC power is — gasp! — playing a true road game? Find out in this week’s edition of the Slant Pattern! Complete Story

Young Guns Poised to Save U.S. Tennis, 2021 Version

Sports PhotoSC’s Kevin Beane looks back at a 2015 article on American men’s future stars of tennis, and he also gives us a new batch of hopefuls in this week’s Slant Pattern. Complete Story

Why the Mets Were Right to Fire Jared Porter

Sports PhotoAfter a sexual harassment scandal in the Mets front office, the team’s brass took swift and decisive action, canning the GM just a month into his tenure. Here’s why it was the right thing to do, says SC’s Kevin Beane. Complete Story

Slant Pattern 2020 Boxing Awards

Sports PhotoIn this week’s Slant Pattern, SC’s Kevin Beane gives his choice for fight of the year, fighter of the year, knockout of the year, and prospect of the year. Check it out! Complete Story

The Scottish Play Set to End For Celtic

Sports PhotoSC’s Kevin Beane takes a look at the Scottish soccer scene, which is undergoing a changing of the guard from the old to the also-old. See how it’s happening in this week’s Slant Pattern column. Complete Story

Slant Pattern Mailbag

Sports PhotoIt’s time for SC’s Kevin Beane have another go at the mailbag. Specifically, he addresses a Jets coaching rumor, the legacy of Matthew Stafford, college football games yet to be scheduled, and more in this week’s edition of the Slant Pattern. Complete Story

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