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February 24 Boxing Betting Preview

Sports PhotoIn this Slant Pattern, SC’s Kevin Beane breaks down a boxing card from Orlando, where he’s parlaying three favorites, but also taking a chance on an underdog. Complete Story

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Slant Pattern Mailbag

Sports PhotoIt’s mailbag time again at the Slant Pattern, where SC’s Kevin Beane looks under the hood of the new college football playoff, Carlos Alcaraz’s future, and more. Complete Story

World’s Earliest Week 1 College Football Preview

Sports PhotoIt’s earlier than ever, we’re pretty sure! The annual world’s earliest Week 1 college football preview gives us … well, just five Power 5 vs. Power 5 games on Saturday. But SC’s Kevin Beane finds some gems. Complete Story

Slant Pattern Odds and Ends

Sports PhotoIn this edition of the Slant Pattern, SC’s Kevin Beane reacts to the season’s denouement for both Ohio State and Michigan, and returns to his occasional checkup on the state of U.S. men’s tennis. Complete Story

Today’s Athletes vs. Yesterday’s Athletes

Sports PhotoCould the stars of the past compete in today’s high-level pro sports leagues? It’s a question that has been asked too many times. SC’s Kevin Beane tries to put the matter to bed in the Slant Pattern. Complete Story

2023 Bowl Picks Against the Spread

Sports PhotoIn this week’s edition of the Slant Pattern, we go bowling! Not only that, but SC’s Kevin Beane offers a rare over/under play, and gives his two cents on the College Football Playoff controversy. Complete Story

Slant Pattern Odds and Ends

Sports PhotoSC’s Kevin Beane suggests improvements for the NBA in-season tournament, takes a look at the college football player (and is agog at the number of elite teams), and notes Oakland baseball fans finally have something to cheer about. Complete Story

College Football Picks, Week 11

Sports PhotoSC’s Kevin Beane rolls out another spate of picks, where he is on teams that he feels are underdogs by too many points in conferences or divisions (Big 12 and Big Ten West) with a lot of parity, and he also has plays in the Mountain West and ACC. Complete Story

NIT Brazenly Chooses Money Over Fans, Fun, Fairness

Sports PhotoSC’s Kevin Beane is mad, big mad, that the college basketball postseason NIT tournament has taken away automatic bids from mid- and low-major conferences and given them to high-majors. He explains why this happened and what will happen now. Complete Story

CFL and CFB Bets For October 20-21

Sports PhotoSC’s Kevin Beane feels strongly about his picks this week, which remind us that the CFL is in fact still playing, and there’s gold to be found in the basements of the Big Ten and Pac-12. It’s the Slant Pattern! Complete Story

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