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The Curious Case of Memphis

Sports PhotoWhen you think of a program that has so many ingredients, and yet is struggling mightily, one name comes to mind. SC’s Jean Neuberger takes a glimpse at the surprising recent troubles at Memphis. Complete Story

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The Head of the Class

Sports PhotoThere was history to be made for either of the finalists in Monday’s NCAA men’s basketball championship. But to the victor goes the spoils. What did North Carolina achieve with their win in Phoenix? Complete Story

The Decline of Mid-Majors in the Tournament

Sports PhotoSC’s Ross Lancaster looks at how, despite the West Coast Conference having an entry in the Final Four, mid-major schools and leagues are more underrepresented in the NCAA tournament than they used to be. Complete Story

NCAA Tournament: From 64 to 16

Sports PhotoAs the NCAA field has been whittled down from 64 to 16 teams, SC’s Jean Neuberger takes a glance at what this past weekend’s slate of games revealed about the current state of affairs in college basketball. Complete Story

NCAA Tournament: Bracket Bluster

Sports PhotoIt’s NCAA tournament time, that time of year when 67 games are ultimately overshadowed by one game — the guessing game. SC’s Jeffrey Boswell gives his picks and very non-statistical analysis. Complete Story

Double-Digit Darlings

Sports PhotoEvery year, there are teams who destroy NCAA tourney brackets with monumental upsets in March. SC’s Jean Neuberger selects three sleeper teams with a chance to shatter the hopes of many next month. Complete Story

The West’s Destiny?

Sports PhotoThe last time a team from the Western United States made a Final Four, Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook were in UCLA uniforms. In 2017, however, there are four teams in the Pacific or Mountain time zones that have a solid shot to break that drought. Complete Story

Cinderella’s Wearing Purple For 2017

Sports PhotoThe story of the 2017 college basketball season has been the surprising run of the Northwestern Wildcats. SC’s Jean Neuberger says that, despite it being a month from March, Northwestern holds the glass slippers for the tournament. Complete Story

Thoughts From the Weekend in Hoops

Sports PhotoAs we approach league play, SC’s Jonathan Lowe looks into a couple of headline items that stood above the rest on the last weekend before the Christmas break. Complete Story

A Hoops Season to Be Excited For

Sports PhotoSC’s Ross Lancaster previews the new college basketball season as one that could have a little of everything, from established star players and traditional powerhouse programs to elite freshmen and mid-majors with a chance to make huge noise in March. Complete Story

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