College Basketball

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Thoughts From the Weekend in Hoops

Sports PhotoAs we approach league play, SC’s Jonathan Lowe looks into a couple of headline items that stood above the rest on the last weekend before the Christmas break. Complete Story

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A Hoops Season to Be Excited For

Sports PhotoSC’s Ross Lancaster previews the new college basketball season as one that could have a little of everything, from established star players and traditional powerhouse programs to elite freshmen and mid-majors with a chance to make huge noise in March. Complete Story

One For the Ages

Sports PhotoIt was a phenomenal tournament, capped off with a final that none will soon forget. Hours after the incredible finale, SC’s Jean Neuberger takes a look at one of the best NCAA tournaments to date. Complete Story

Syracuse and the Paradox of Paradoxes

Sports PhotoSC’s Ross Lancaster looks back on an NCAA tournament that’s somehow been both great for several season-long contenders and an oasis for lower seeds, and why Syracuse’s unexpected Final Four berth as a double-digit season is the perfect culmination of a season and era. Complete Story

Someone Need Saving?

Sports PhotoIt’s amazing what opportunities present themselves at the beginning of an NCAA tournament. But many wither away after the first two rounds on the court. SC’s Jonathan Lowe looks into which teams might be able to save some of those chances. Complete Story

Brackets & Breakdowns

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeffrey Boswell has filled in his bracket, very lightly, in pencil, and sees a Michigan State/Kansas final. Here is his NCAA tourney bracket breakdown, with his thoughts on intriguing matchups, Jim Boeheim, Louisville, and Ben Simmons. Complete Story

The Bracket: First Glance Analysis

Sports PhotoSelection Sunday has come and gone, and with it, SC’s Jean Neuberger provides instant analysis of who should’ve been in, who’s lucky to be in, and who’ll cut the nets at the Final Four in Houston, Texas. Complete Story

NCAA-Bound? The Wichita State Debate

Sports PhotoAfter Wichita State lost in the semis of the Missouri Valley conference tournament this weekend, the Shockers now find themselves on the bubble, despite what might be a more dominating conference season than when they started 34-0 in 2014. SC’s Ross Lancaster looks at why. Complete Story

Contenders Are Slowly Emerging

Sports PhotoWith a month to go before the 2016 NCAA tournament, SC’s Jean Neuberger delves into some of the emerging contenders. Complete Story

The Truly Wide-Open Season

Sports PhotoIt’s a common annual refrain to hear that a college basketball season is wide-open and anyone’s for the taking. It’s also one that’s usually inaccurate. But as SC’s Ross Lancaster writes, with 2016 having no great teams and many upper-echelon ones, it truly is a wide-open campaign for the taking. Complete Story

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