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The Era of Having a Chance

Sports PhotoFor SC’s Ross Lancaster, there are four teams he sees as the class of the majors. But that doesn’t mean one of the four is winning the World Series. All but a handful of teams are still in the hunt in late July. Welcome to the era of having a chance. Complete Story

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The All-Star Game: Groovin’

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman thinks Adam Wainwright — admitting then denying he grooved one to Derek Jeter for a leadoff double that opened the AL’s scoring — may learn it only sounds right when Yogi Berra says he never said half the things he said. Complete Story

MLB Midseason Awards

Sports PhotoThe season is already past its midpoint and though there is a lot of baseball left to be played, SC’s Andrew Jones looks at some possibilities for end of season awards. Perhaps the closest race of all is rather unexpected: AL Rookie of the Year. Complete Story

Let’s Not Put the A’s in the Series Just Yet

Sports PhotoSure, it was a blockbuster. Sure, the A’s might be baseball’s best team so far. But SC’s Jeff Kallman says landing Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel doesn’t mean the A’s have traded for the pennant. Complete Story

Jim Brosnan, RIP: Inside Looking Out

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman remembers Jim Brosnan, the first baseball player to write from the inside of a major league clubhouse — and to retire rather than sign a contract with a censorship clause. He died June 28. Complete Story

Singles Hitters Who Walk

Sports PhotoSan Diego Padres Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn died last week. SC’s Brad Oremland examines a vanishing breed of player — singles hitters who walk a lot — and develops a formula to identify them. Complete Story

Ah, the Trade Winds Blow…

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman watches the non-waiver Major League Baseball trade deadline winds — also known, these days, anyway, as The Price (David, that is), is it Right? Complete Story

Tony Gwynn, RIP: Real

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman looks at the legacy of Tony Gwynn, the Hall of Fame right fielder who died after a long run of cancer at the age of 54 on Monday. Gwynn may have been the most liked man in baseball. Complete Story

Brien’s Song

Sports PhotoAs lefty Brady Aiken went number one in this year’s MLB draft, SC’s Jeff Kallman couldn’t help think of ill-fated pitcher Brien Taylor, superprospect, drafted first in 1991, who lost a career defending his brother. Complete Story

Active MLB Players’ HOF Chances

Sports PhotoIt’s not really the right time to be talking about the Hall of Fame, but SC’s Andrew Jones is interested in turning over a new leaf. Steroids are old news. Let’s talk about clean players with a real chance of entering the Hall when their career ends. Complete Story

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