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Outlandish October Predictions

Sports PhotoThe Major League Baseball 2014 season is underway and some teams and players are off to hot starts. SC’s Andrew Jones sorts out a few examples of who will stay hot and who will cool off by October. Complete Story

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Sports Are Bad For Us

Sports PhotoThe biggest story in the new season of Major League Baseball just might be pitching injuries. SC’s Brad Oremland suggests that it’s not just pitching: at the highest level, all sports stress our bodies beyond their intended limits. Complete Story

Hank Aaron’s Hard-Earned Honor

Sports PhotoOn April 8, 1974, Hank Aaron demolished the racists, mental cases, and baseball Luddites who tried to harass him out of passing Babe Ruth, but he also demolished his own team’s bid to turn the milestone into a hype circus. Complete Story

Trout vs. Cabrera: A Tale of Two Extensions

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman says there are reasons why Mike Trout’s $144 million extension doesn’t make baseball faint the way Miguel Cabrera’s $248 million extension does. Complete Story

Frank Jobe, RIP: Elbow and Shoulder Above the Rest

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman salutes Dr. Frank Jobe, who pioneered two surgeries that have saved numerous pitching careers—-Tommy John, David Wells, Kerry Wood, John Smoltz, Chris Carpenter, and more. Complete Story

New Rule and Replay Won’t Reduce Controversy

Sports PhotoMajor League Baseball is trying to make the game more fair by introducing instant replay and more safe by restricting home plate collisions. However, SC’s Adam Russell believes the combination of the two will only create more controversy. Complete Story

Give WAR a Chance

Sports PhotoMike Trout is expected to sign an extension with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim this week. You don’t need sabermetrics to know Trout is the best player in baseball, but SC’s Brad Oremland explains why skeptical fans should give WAR a chance. Complete Story

The Not-So-Great Yankee Double Switch

Sports PhotoBaseball loves to celebrate anniversaries. SC’s Jeff Kallman remembers a surreal and slightly unethical double switch between the New York Yankees and the St. Louis Cardinals from 50 years ago. Complete Story

The Writing on the Wall Barks at A-Rod

Sports PhotoIn the end, A-Rod blinked … and filed to dismiss his scorched-earth lawsuits against baseball and the players’ association. SC’s Jeff Kallman examines the situation. Complete Story

How Kiner Out-Slugged the Mahatma

Sports PhotoIncredibly, and foolishly, Branch Rickey tried to tear Ralph Kiner down when Kiner was the Pittsburgh Pirates’ sole box office draw. SC’s Jeff Kallman looks back at the career of the slugger who eventually became a beloved NY Mets broadcaster. Complete Story

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