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Why the AL MVP Race is Far From Over

Sports PhotoJ.D. Martinez has taken center stage as baseball’s premier slugger in 2018, but SC’s Steve Brenna believes his path to American League MVP is not as clear as it may seem. Complete Story

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If You Can’t Beat Him, Drill Him: Chickenfish Pitcher

Sports PhotoJose Urena drilling Ronald Acuna, Jr. on the elbow on his first pitch of the night Wednesday was cowardice at minimum. SC’s Jeff Kallman says he needs to be docked post haste, and baseball needs to send a message about throwing at hitters. Complete Story

For What it’s Werth

Sports PhotoNow-retired Jayson Werth wasn’t quite ready to call it a career last winter, but his uber-agent Scott Boras’s dubious hurry-up-and-wait advice to Werth and other free-agent clients did him no favors. Complete Story

Rocking the Bote

Sports PhotoOn Sunday, the Cubs’ David Bote became the first since 1936 to hit a game-winning grand slam with his team down 3-0 and down to its final strike. SC’s Jeff Kallman wonders whether the blow may or may not prove to put paid to the Nats’ season. Complete Story

Why Does Major League Baseball Ignore the South?

Sports PhotoMajor League Baseball has only five teams in the South, tied with the NHL (!) for the fewest of the four major sports leagues (the NBA has 10 and the NFL has 9). SC’s Anthony Brancato explains why there is simply no justification for this scenario. Complete Story

The New Boston Massacre

Sports PhotoFour decades ago, the Boston Massacre meant the New York Yankees beginning a classic Boston Red Sox breakage. In 2018, it means the Red Sox possibly beginning an AL East runaway at the Yankees’ expense. Complete Story

MLB All-Star Game: Long Balls, Punchouts, and a Stink Bomb

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman ponders the All-Star Game’s home run barrage, strikeout barrage, and the stink bomb of punishing Brewers pitcher Josh Hader for seven-year-old thought crimes he’s since renounced. Complete Story

Lesser Known Stars Take Derby Stage, and That’s Okay

Sports PhotoNo “star power?” No problem. SC’s Steve Brenna explains why fresh faces in the Home Run Derby is good for MLB. Complete Story

Are Strikeouts Killing Baseball?

Sports PhotoThe numbers don’t lie, strikeouts are up, and fan interest is down in Major League Baseball. Is the sport of baseball in danger? SC’s Scott Huntington investigates. Complete Story

MLB Grandpa Wants Cards For Granddaughters

Sports PhotoPatrick Freel, whose former MLB utilityman son Ryan committed suicide suffering CTE in 2012, is asking for and getting his son’s baseball cards to give to his grandchildren. Complete Story

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