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So, What’s in a Retired Number?

Sports PhotoThe New York Yankees retired Bernie Williams’ No. 51 last weekend. This prompted SC’s Jeff Kallman to wonder if the Yankees and other baseball teams take the practice too far — or not far enough. Complete Story

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The Sounds of Silence in Camden Yards

Sports PhotoThanks to the Baltimore riots, we got to see what happened when somebody played a baseball game and nobody came. Complete Story

A Wild Weekend in Kansas City

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman still can’t believe how questionably the Kansas City Royals went to war with the Oakland A’s over one questionable late Friday takeout slide. Complete Story

Joe West Has Game, Unfortunately

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman had better things to think about on Major League Baseball’s Opening Days I and II than Joe West, who ended Twins vs. Tigers with a blown strike call, and that Torii Hunter will likely be fined — wrongly — for his post-game blast. Complete Story

On Rose’s Applying For Reinstatement

Sports PhotoHere we go again, says SC’s Jeff Kallman, now that Pete Rose has asked Commissioner Rob Manfred to consider his reinstatement to Major League Baseball. Complete Story

Alex Johnson, RIP: The Fires Within

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman remembers the first and still only Angel to win an AL batting title, who died at the end of February — talented, troubled, disillusioned, blowing up a shaky clubhouse, then earning a landmark arbitration ruling over emotional issues. Complete Story

The Frights of Spring

Sports PhotoCliff Lee down, Yu Darvish and Marcus Stroman out, Kung Fu Panda on why he wouldn’t go back to San Francisco — SC’s Jeff Kallman observes the first rounds of spring training in MLB 2015. Complete Story

How Much of a Bargain is James Shields?

Sports PhotoThe San Diego Padres signed James Shields for four years and around $75 million. SC’s Jeff Kallman says it’s a good deal if the Padres realize Big Game James doesn’t live here anymore — if he ever did. Complete Story

Selig’s Legacy, For Better and For Worse

Sports PhotoWhen Bud Selig was good, he was very good; when he was bad, he was terrible. SC’s Jeff Kallman offers a calm review of the now-former commissioner. Complete Story

Ernie Banks, RIP: Always a Beautiful Day

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman remembers Mr. Cub, the late Ernie Banks, who died at 83 on January 24 and who never stopped loving the game — or being loved by its fans. Complete Story

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