The Anthem “Protest”: It Lives Again

In the military, it is said that an enlisted man salutes an officer's uniform and not the man wearing it.

So why can't these leftist athletes realize that saluting our flag and our national anthem in no way implies saluting the man who at the moment leads the republic for which the flag and anthem stand?

This annoying issue is coming up once again because of the churlish actions of Megan Rapinoe, who has been disrespecting the national anthem during its playing at the women's World Cup. And apparently Ms. Rapinoe, who makes no bones about being a lesbian, doesn't know how lucky she is to live in a Western, Christian country where, despite occasional regrettable remarks by fundamentalist preachers, gays and lesbians are perfectly free to marry, in a vast majority of such countries at least — and specifically in a country where gays and lesbians actually have a higher per-capita income than straights.

By stark contrast, homosexuality is a serious crime in virtually the entire Islamic Bloc, and is punishable by death in Iran, our putative "ally" Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, and the predominantly Muslim northern provinces of Nigeria.

On Tuesday in USA Today, Nancy Armour — who is so far to the left that Bernie Sanders probably isn't radical enough for her to endorse — wrote a hit piece castigating the commendably moderate news website The Hill for even reporting about L'Affaire Rapinoe. And unlike Colin Kaepernick, who was at least attempting to address a specific issue (the excessive use of force by police in the African-American community, even though he and his fellow anthem desecrators never proposed a concrete solution to said problem), Ms. Rapinoe appears to be motivated by pure, unalloyed sore losing: her preferred candidate and party did not win the 2016 Presidential election.

Ms. Rapinoe is also worse than Kaepernick because she is playing for America's team, while Kaepernick wasn't (had Kaepernick played for the Dallas Cowboys it would have been a different story — ! — but he didn't).

It makes you wonder: if Team USA goes on to the lose in the final as it did in 2011, will Ms. Rapinoe hang around to accept her silver medal?

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