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Stay Pure, Daniel Faalele

Sports PhotoSC’s Kevin Beane takes a look at Daniel Faalele, a college football recruit that has many major programs fighting over him. What makes him unique? He has never played a down. This week’s Slant Pattern looks at the pros and cons of a system that makes cases like Faalele possible. Complete Story

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World’s Earliest 2017 College Hoops Preview

Sports PhotoSC’s Kevin Beane brings his “earliest” preview series to college basketball for the first time. Will Alabama get over the hump against Memphis? Will Belmont beat Washington? Will Grayson Allen exact revenge on Elon? It’s the Slant Pattern! Complete Story

Liveblogging the Venezuelan Premier League Playoffs

Sports PhotoSC’s Kevin Beane, ever a fan of the obscure, takes a look at the top Venezuelan football league and its structure, and liveblogs one of their playoff matchups, as well. It’s this week’s Slant Pattern! Complete Story

Slant Pattern Mailbag

Sports PhotoIn this week’s edition of Slant Pattern, SC’s Kevin Beane goes back to the mailbag, talking about the L.A. Angels’ path to competitiveness, the inaugural NBA Awards show, the Eagles’ 2017 schedule. Complete Story

Canelo vs. Chavez at the Cinema

Sports PhotoFor this week’s edition of the Slant Pattern, SC’s Kevin Beane took in a boxing match — at a movie theater. What was the event like? How did the crowd behave? Who won the fight they were all there to see? Complete Story

The Dominance of USA Basketball is in Peril

Sports PhotoFIBA has made a decision detrimental to USA basketball, but fine, FIBA does not owe the USA anything. What’s dismaying is that the NBA and Team USA have teamed up to make it worse. SC’s Kevin Beane explains. Complete Story

The Virginia Tech Quarterback Battle

Sports PhotoSC’s Kevin Beane brings the news of a quarterback controversy brewing in Blacksburg. Will it be odds-on favorite Josh Jackson? Feast-or-famine A.J. Bush? True freshman Hendon Hooker? Find out in this week’s edition of Slant Pattern! Complete Story

Don’t Blame the Refs For Calling Fouls

Sports PhotoThe refs of the Gonzaga/North Carolina championship game took a lot of heat for the amount of fouls they called. But they aren’t to blame, the players are, and that’s a good thing. SC’s Kevin Beane explains in this edition of the Slant Pattern. Complete Story

Slant Pattern at the Irving Tennis Classic

Sports PhotoIn this week’s Slant Pattern, SC’s Kevin Beane gives his thoughts on attending his first pro tennis tournament in person. What were his impressions? Was anyone interesting in the stands? How expensive was the food? All that and more. Complete Story

The Curious Case of Nick Kyrgios

Sports PhotoNick Kyrgios is coming off an outstanding 2016 campaign and has picked up where he left off in 2017, convincingly beating Novak Djokovic in Mexico. He seems poised to win multiple slams. But SC’s Kevin Beane tells us why he might not. Complete Story

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