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World Cup Preview, Groups A and B

Sports PhotoSC’s Kevin Beane kicks off a four-part World Cup soccer preview, starting with groups A and B. Taken together, these might be the two toughest groups in the tournament, with Spain, Netherlands, and home-standing Brazil all involved. Complete Story

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The Golden Age of Sports Journalism

Sports PhotoSC’s Kevin Beane has spilled a lot of ink bagging on select sportswriters in this space for over 12 years, but he really likes the way things are headed now — lots of quality, lots of content, and real writers. Complete Story

Thoughts on Old Announcers Being Sent to Pasture

Sports PhotoIf you’re a fan of the college broadcasting team of Brent Musberger and Kirk Herbstreit, we’re sorry to say you’ve heard the last of them together. Musberger has been demoted, and it’s not right, says SC’s Kevin Beane in this week’s Slant Pattern. Complete Story

Bring Instant Replay to Balls and Strikes

Sports PhotoSC’s Kevin Beane sheds light on a surprising MIT study showing how consistently umps call balls and strikes. It’s not good. But he has a solution that doesn’t involve replacing umpires with robots, and preserves their role in the game. Complete Story

Thoughts on Michael Sam and the Media

Sports PhotoIt’s not surprising that NFL front officers are anonymously gloom and doom on Michael Sam, because they are mostly conservative old white dudes. One writer denies this, and SC’s Kevin Beane gives him some cynical hard medicine in this Slant Pattern. Complete Story

2014 College Football Week 1 Preview

Sports PhotoIn this Slant Pattern, SC’s Kevin Beane brings us his annual earliest College Football Week 1 preview, and unlike in years past, this one has doozy after doozy. How do five games pitting teams that ended last year ranked grab you? Complete Story

Baseball HOF Writer Makes it About Himself

Sports PhotoThere is no doubting that Greg Maddux is a slam-dunk inclusion in the Baseball Hall of Fame, but that didn’t stop some moral crusaders with no beef with Maddux to punish him nonetheless. The latest Slant Pattern looks at one such case here. Complete Story

The New Schools of Division 1

Sports PhotoFour new schools entered the ranks of Division 1 this year, and SC’s Kevin Beane profiles them all, from the fraidy-schedulin’ Incarnate Word to the controversial Grand Canyon University in this Slant Pattern! Complete Story

Cutler or McCown?

Sports PhotoThe Bears are in a pickle: Jay Cutler is good, but is hurt again, and Josh McCown has been great in relief … and Cutler’s contract is about to expire. What do the Bears do? SC’s Kevin Beane looks at it. Complete Story

Pay Peralta and Change the Rules

Sports PhotoWhen steroid user Jhonny Peralta signed a four-year, $52 million deal with the Cardinals, several players complained. But one was a union man who ought be careful what he wishes for, and in fact unwittingly stumped for owners to have more power. Complete Story

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