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Q: Should the Phoenix Suns trade the No. 1 pick, if they win the lottery, for Anthony Davis?

A: Okay, who knows how good Zion Williamson is going to be. I've heard the comparisons. I think he enters the league as a better Blake Griffin. Do you trade Griffin for Davis? Yes. It's a risk, though. You've got Davis on a one-year lease. Does he stay in Phoenix? Davis and DeAndre Ayton would be a great front-court. Devin Booker is there, too, but the Suns need a point guard. I like Tyler Johnson, but he's a great backup. Even if the Suns get a point guard, does Davis stay?

I find it interesting that the Suns hired Monty Davis, who coached The Brow for his first three years in the league in New Orleans. Still, does he stay, when he can go to L.A. to play with 'Bron or maybe even go to Boston? If you're Phoenix, and you get the first pick you have to take Zion. I'd do it. I'd trade Zion for Davis. There's so much youth on the Suns, and they need a leader. Zion will be great, but I think Davis would be a better fit.

Q: What should be the Knicks' plan, now that Boston got bounced?

A: The Knicks have an equal chance at Zion, too. If they get Zion, KD and Kyrie Irving will give NY a long look. A trio of Kyrie, Zion, and KD would be filthy. So, if I am NY, I am praying for Zion and then throwing everything I've got into the KD and Kyrie sweepstakes.

Q: Can the Warriors win without KD?

A: Yes. Will they? I'm going to say yes. Look it's easy to say the Rockets will win. The Warriors still have Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond. I think the Warriors show everybody why they are the best team ever. I've got faith. Oh, and the Warriors are 25-1 without KD when Steph plays. Next?

Q: Who wins the East?

A: Raptors. I don't know why I just can't get on the Bucks hype train. I don't see it. Kawhi Leonard vs Giannis Antetokounmpo should be awesome. Kyle Lowry is better than Eric Bledsoe, but Lowry disappears in the playoffs. Pascal Siakam and Khris Middleton are similar players playing for different teams. Marc Gasol is better than Brook Lopez. Give me Toronto. They have more experience, too.

Q: Is LeBron still the best player in the NBA?

A: Yes. I think he is. He's a better shooter than Giannis is. His defense is 10 times better than Harden's. It comes down to KD, honestly, and I'd still rather have LeBron.

Q: Worst possible destination for Zion?

A: Cleveland. He will live in LeBron's shadow. As much as he'd try to avoid it, it's impossible. The comparisons to LeBron are already out there. Kevin Love is aging and he's often injured. The second best player would be Colin Sexton. I'd hate to see him in Cleveland. The only good thing that I can see coming from that, is the fact that LeBron took that Cavs team in 2007 to the Finals, and they were scrubs. Zion would have a head start.

Q: Ja Morant? The real deal?

A: People are quick to say he is the next Russ or the next D-Rose. Ja Morant looks very good, but I am keeping my expectations steady. I find it hilarious when people say, "oh what are you talking about, he's amazing dude, he's the next Russ." He went to Murray State. Murray State didn't play on TV very often. Are you telling me you bought a TV package for the Ohio Valley Conference? He looks great. You really never know with these guys, though.

Q: Players you like and dislike more than others in the upcoming draft?

A: Love this question. I obviously like Zion, Morant, R.J. Barrett, etc. I like Ty Jerome a lot. I do not like Bol Bol. He's built like a stick. He needs to bulk up.

Q: If the offseason goes perfectly, what would that look like to you?

A: A perfect offseason, for me, would mean a lot of change. I'd like to see Zion on the Knicks or Suns. I'd like to see Kawhi go to the Lakers. I'd also like to see Kyrie go to the Lakers and reunite with LeBron. KD and Anthony Davis to the Knicks, joining Zion. I like the shockwaves. If KD went to the Lakers, I'd hate that move but I'd love watching everyone's reaction.

Q: Who wins the NBA Finals?

A: Golden State or Houston. Whichever team wins this series I believe wins the title.

Q: LeBron says he wants to play until his kid, Bronny, Jr., is in the league so he can play against his son. Do you think this is possible?

A: Bronny is 14. Can LeBron play for another four seasons? Yes. How good will he be? Who cares? He's playing for his son at that point. Vince Carter is like a dinosaur and he's still in the league. If anyone can do it, it's LeBron.

Q: What are you most excited to see next season?

A: Zion, and I'm dying to see the Luka Doncic/Kristaps Porzingis combo. That should be fun to watch.

Q: Who wins Rookie of the Year?

A: Doncic. In my opinion, at least. He plays in a tougher conference.

Q: Last one, who wins MVP?

A: Giannis. I believe Giannis is more valuable to his team.

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