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NBA Seeding Races Go Down to Wire

Sports PhotoThree teams in the same division battling for the top three seeds in the West. The Celtics having run away with the East, but everything else is up for grabs. The NBA should offer up a great deal of excitement in the final week of its regular season. Complete Story

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Rudy Gobert “Shows ‘em the Money”

Sports PhotoTimberwolves center Rudy Gobert was fined $100,000 for making a gesture implying that referee Scott Foster was “on the take” in his team’s loss at Cleveland last Friday. But how severe is this penalty? Not severe at all, says SC’s Anthony Brancato. Complete Story

6 Seed is “Sweet Spot” in NBA Playoffs

Sports PhotoWhy should a 6 seed in the NBA playoffs be such an advantage? SC’s Anthony Brancato enumerates the benefits that come bundled with this seemingly mediocre position. Complete Story

Value Bets For NBA Awards at All-Star Break

Sports PhotoWith the NBA season set for the All-Star Break, SC’s Ross Lancaster focuses on three value bets for season-long awards. Complete Story

Will NBA Follow NHL’s Lead?

Sports PhotoIs imitation the sincerest form of flattery? Apparently NBA commissioner Adam Silver thinks that it is. And so does SC’s Anthony Brancato, who totally supports seeing the NBA create expansion teams for Las Vegas and Seattle, and throwing in a realignment of “The Association” for good measure. Complete Story

What Should We Make of the NBA’s Opening Months?

Sports PhotoThe NBA In-Season Tournament is underway, and SC’s Ross Lancaster has found himself more captivated by early-season basketball than usual. However, he writes about why you still shouldn’t make too many conclusions this early on. Complete Story

The NBA’s Greatest Dynasties

Sports PhotoFrom George Mikan’s Lakers and Bill Russell’s Celtics to Michael Jordan’s Bulls and Steph Curry’s Warriors, the NBA has seen at least seven great dynasties. Which teams qualify, and who are other teams that just missed? SC’s Brad Oremland returns! Complete Story

Culture Wars Now Infest NBA

Sports PhotoFlorida governor Ron DeSantis kept the pot boiling by accusing NBA players of collaborating with an “enemy” that he referred to as “Communist China.” If his comments weren’t so dishonest and inflammatory, they would be funny. Complete Story

Let Me See If I Can Fit You in My Schedule

Sports PhotoA new era of the NBA will get underway this fall. But the reaction hasn’t been the warmest. SC’s Jonathan Lowe looks at some of sports’ more noticeable calendar changes and a trend that’s more prevalent. Complete Story

NBA Free Agency Winners and Losers

Sports PhotoSC’s Ross Lancaster breaks down three NBA teams that made smart moves at the beginning of July and three that had a more questionable start to the offseason. Complete Story

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