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Looking at 2023 NBA Title Odds

Sports PhotoWith NBA free agency winding down, and the new season about 90 days away, SC’s Ross Lancaster takes a look at the NBA title odds for next season. Here’s teams with good value and teams to stay away from. Complete Story

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NBA Finals: Searching the Latest Trends

Sports PhotoWhat did we learn over the first four games of the 2022 NBA Finals? What does that say for the rest of the series? SC’s Jonathan Lowe lays out some factors. Complete Story

In Appreciation of Erik Spoelstra

Sports PhotoSC’s Ross Lancaster focuses on the remarkable ability for Heat coach Erik Spoelstra to get the most out of his players and mentions why a Heat/Warriors Finals could be the best coaching battle of the era. Complete Story

Sixers’ “Quick Fix” Fails

Sports PhotoJust because one team won a championship by mortgaging their draft choices year after year for aging veterans doesn’t mean that this is a consistent winning strategy. The Philadelphia 76ers have found that out the hard way, as SC’s Anthony Brancato chronicles. Complete Story

Trying to Find That Title Mojo

Sports PhotoChris Paul has had a great career, to this point. But one thing is missing from the resume. The journey will have to wait, but SC’s Jonathan Lowe thinks this trend started outside of Paul’s sphere of control. Complete Story

NBA Playoffs: Gleaning the Meaning

Sports PhotoAs the first week of the NBA postseason turns to the second, what should we look forward to? SC’s Jonathan Lowe explains how the past might shape the future. Complete Story

Boston Celtics: Beasts of the East?

Sports PhotoThe Boston Celtics have transformed from mediocre to juggernaut over the last few months. SC’s Ross Lancaster looks at some of the reasons they’ve turned it around and why they appear to be the best chance to come out of the East. Complete Story

Why Aren’t the Suns Bigger Favorites?

Sports PhotoAs the NBA regular season shifts past the All-Star Break to a two-month pre-playoff sprint, it’s clear to SC’s Ross Lancaster that the Phoenix Suns are the team to beat. He considers why the bookmakers don’t have them installed as a strong favorite. Complete Story

Harden-Simmons Deal Sends Wrong Message

Sports PhotoTwo division rivals broke all the rules by consummating a blockbuster trade on Thursday, which is why the NBA needs to re-write some of its own rules. Complete Story

The Joy of the Unexpected

Sports PhotoThe NBA regular season is at the halfway mark, and there are more surprises this year than in a typical campaign. SC’s Ross Lancaster takes a look at the biggest unforeseen developments since October. Complete Story

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