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How to Fix the NBA’s Three-Point Problem

Sports PhotoSC’s Ross Lancaster appreciates the three-pointer, but it’s clear that the amount of three-point attempts in the NBA is getting out of hand. He looks at some proposals that might help make the sport less dependent on the long-range shot. Complete Story

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Joel Embiid Putting the “Big” Back in NBA

Sports PhotoJoel Embiid, who has blossomed into a genuine superstar, has finally “grown out” of the injuries that informed his early career. Could this mean the first ring for the Sixers since the days of Dr. J? SC’s Anthony Brancato says don’t rule it out. Complete Story

All Star, No Substance?

Sports PhotoIt’s usually a cavalcade of pomp and circumstance, but the NBA All-Star Game will be a different experience this time around. SC’s Jonathan Lowe tries to understand if the celebration of talent should be happening in 2021. Complete Story

Nets Are Looking For Shared Interests

Sports PhotoIt was the well-known secret that became the headline on the marquee. But can the spotlight be split three ways? SC’s Jonathan Lowe discusses the big trepidation with the new-look Nets. Complete Story

NBA Tip-Off: All Up in Their Feelings

Sports PhotoThe 2020-21 NBA season has barely started, but some of the biggest early headlines are eliciting big-time emotions from those involved … and those who follow. SC’s Jonathan Lowe digs into the feelings that are being stirred up. Complete Story

NBA Playing With a Popped Bubble

Sports PhotoAnother sports season is getting ready to start inside the calendar year of 2020. As the NBA is set to begin, SC’s Jonathan Lowe continues to wonder about the COVID effect that hasn’t been mitigated yet. Complete Story

Why the NBA Calendar Might Change Forever

Sports PhotoAfter an unprecedented NBA season has come to a conclusion, SC’s Ross Lancaster looks at why the next one might start later than you think, the consequences, and why what we’ve come to expect from an NBA calendar could change forever. Complete Story

The Doc is In

Sports PhotoThe Doc Rivers era in Los Angeles is over. SC’s Jonathan Lowe tries to find a connection between the coach’s old jobs and his new one back East in Philly. Complete Story

How Important is “Heat Culture?”

Sports PhotoDuring this year’s NBA playoffs, a lot has been made about how “Heat culture” is helping propel the Heat to unexpected championship contention. But as SC’s Ross Lancaster writes, there’s a bit more to it than just the organizational culture. Complete Story

Bucks’ Stand Ushers in a New Era of Sports Protest

Sports PhotoThe Milwaukee Bucks’ protest on Wednesday was a historic moment to SC’s Ross Lancaster. He looks at how the Bucks may have changed the league, and perhaps sports as a whole, by refusing to play. Complete Story

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