Slant Pattern’s NFL Picks For Week 15

While there is a growing amount of mainstream acceptance of sports betting as it becomes legal in more and more states, some networks still want to avoid offending the church crowd, so their talking heads simply predict game winners, straight-up.

This creates amusing television, as guys are paid money to say things like, "I believe the Ravens will beat the Bengals today," but we will never take the easy way out here! All picks are against the spread. As always, all picks are guaranteed correct or your money back.

New England (-9.5) @ Cincinnati

The Patriots have lost two in a row, and their 21-game home winning streak has just been snapped. Baltimore has clearly overtaken them for AFC supremacy.

They have to be feeling a sense of urgency now, right? And who do they get to play while feeling urgent? The worst team in the league.

That's really the extent of my analysis. The Bungles weren't able to keep it within 9.5 against the Browns, who played just awfully. I will be very surprised if the Pats win this by any less than 17. If the Bengals do cover, New England fans should be very worried.

Pick: New England

Chicago @ Green Bay (-4.5)

Can we pump the brakes a bit on the resurgence of Da Bears? Yes, they've one three in a row, but two of those were one-possession games against bottom-five teams, and the third was against a free-falling Cowboys, also by one possession.

Green Bay has laid down the occasional clunker this year, but they're still the class of the NFC North, and unbeaten in conference play. If Chicago covers, that essentially means Mitch Trubisky went toe-to-toe with Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau. Do you really want to bet money on that happening?

Pick: Green Bay

Philadelphia @ Washington (+4.5)

I'm all over home teams this week.

I say Trubisky can't match Aaron Rodgers in Lambeau, but Dwayne Haskins pretty much did last week. There are differences, however. One, (not to let my last preview spill into this one) it's just barely possible the Pack will get it up more for the Bears than they did for the Redskins.

Two, the Redskins have a far better run game than the Bears, and it's that running game that has seen them turn the corner these last three weeks, with the close game in Lambeau and wins over the Panthers and Lions.

That running game was kneecapped a bit today with Derrius Guice going on the IR, but Adrian Peterson is still getting it done at his advanced age, 17th in the league in rushing despite having fewer carries than all other RBs above him (and the next two below him).

Haskins has been playing better, as well, and the 'Skins in general are playing loose, as they have nothing to lose. The Eagles have looked terrible lately and it's going to take more than outplaying the Giants for a quarter and a half at home for me to declare them "back."

Pick: Washington

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