The Top Seven Most Iconic Jerseys in MLB History

Major League Baseball has reintroduced a wide variety of throwback jerseys in recent years and they've quickly become fashion staples for enthusiastic fans.

Players have also expressed their excitement in wearing these uniforms and honoring the rich history of America's favorite pastime. Here are the top seven most iconic that you may or may not still see around today.

1. St. Louis Cardinals' Baby Blue

The St. Louis Cardinals are infamous for their head-to-toe baby blue uniforms. In fact, the team has been wearing them since the 19th century, so it's no surprise these jerseys are so iconic.

The Cardinals wore the color up until 1984 when they took a 35-year break and switched to white attire. Then, in 2019, they finally reverted back to baby blue. Of course, there's no telling when they'll change things up again, but they'll likely be in blue for a while.

2. Houston Astros' Rainbow Jersey

Practically every MLB fan loves the Astros' original rainbow uniform. This colorful throwback served as the team's home and road uniform between 1975 and 1986, which might have prompted Houston to retire the jersey sooner than it would have otherwise.

In an attempt to balance the rainbow look, the Astros switched to white and navy jerseys with yellow and orange striped shoulders in 1986. Now, players wear plain white, orange and navy home uniforms that barely resemble the original.

3. New York Yankees' Pinstripes

The Yankees have been wearing pinstripes for more than a century now, making the team's jersey one of the most iconic in MLB history. Everyone from Joe DiMaggio to Derek Jeter has donned this classic look, further adding to its renown.

The only time these jerseys were modified was between 1917 and 1936 when the Yankees removed the logo from the left side of each player's chest. Since then, the home uniform has barely changed at all.

4. Atlanta Braves' Throwback Alternate Uniform

Remember when Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's home run record? He was wearing the Brave's iconic blue and white alternate uniform. This jersey features old school lower case script and classic feather logos on the sleeves.

The uniform also includes a white panel hat with the more traditional lowercase letter on the front. If you're searching for replicas of the ensemble, check for these details before you move forward.

5. Oakland Athletics' Kelly Green Alternate

The A's have experimented with various shades of green throughout the course of their history, but none have been so popular as kelly green. This dark hue contrasts perfectly with Oakland's cursive white font and yellow trim.

And, while they may only be a few years old, this alternate uniform is a great tribute to the team's iconic roots as it commemorates the team's 50-year anniversary of moving to the Bay Area.

6. Los Angeles Dodgers' Home Whites

During their early years, the Dodgers went through as many nicknames as they did coaches. It wasn't until 1933 that the team finally settled on their current name and unveiled the first uniform with it emblazoned on the front.

Since then, the team's jerseys have remained rather consistent, with only small changes to details like shading and outlines. Even the Dodgers' move to Los Angeles didn't affect the home whites, which still feature signature blue coloring and cursive letters.

7. Baltimore Orioles' Black Jerseys

Baltimore's state bird is the oriole, so it only makes sense that its baseball team would take on this animal's likeness. Unlike most MLB jerseys, the Baltimore Orioles' are jet black and feature bright orange numbers, letters, and trim.

A matching hat and white pants with an orange pinstripe tie everything together. While the team has changed its logo multiple times, uniform colors have remained the same, making the Orioles' black jersey one of the most iconic of all-time.

Leaving a Legacy

Of course, it's difficult — if not impossible — to determine which MLB jerseys will stand the test of time and become iconic. However, the ones above have certainly proven themselves worthy of the title. These all-star uniforms will continue to influence future design decisions and leave a lasting legacy for fans and players alike.

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