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A Tale of Two Davis’

Sports PhotoTwo sluggers, one name. One making headlines for home runs, the other for futility. SC’s Steve Brenna takes a look at the curious case of (K)Chris Davis. Complete Story

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The Night of the Living T-R-A-T-I-O-R

Sports PhotoBryce Harper’s first D.C. game as a Philadelphia Phillie was an event, all right. Just not the one the Washington Nationals had quite in mind, says SC’s Jeff Kallman. Complete Story

The Little Miracle of Flushing, Queens

Sports PhotoOn their 50th anniversary season, SC’s Jeff Kallman reviews a new book chronicling the 1969 Miracle Mets and what they meant to a city, if not a country, still rent by chaos. Complete Story

The Rite of Spring is Still Alive

Sports PhotoThe times may be-a-changin’, but SC’s Steve Brenna believes one spring tradition stands the test of time: baseball. Complete Story

Goodbye Until Cooperstown, Ichiro

Sports PhotoNext stop for the Japanese paradox who overthrew torture to make baseball fun for himself and fans and retired at last, says SC’s Jeff Kallman: the Hall of Fame, as a member, not just a frequent visitor. Complete Story

The Biggest Trout in Baseball’s River

Sports PhotoBaseball’s best — now and also in comparison to a passel of Hall of Famers — will stay an Angel … and an off-the-charts wealthy one, says SC’s Jeff Kallman. Complete Story

“The Franchise” Could Use a Miracle

Sports PhotoStricken with dementia, Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Seaver retires from the public, but not from the memories of his greatness. Complete Story

Vlad Jr.’s Show-Ready! Quit Stalling, Blue Jays

Sports PhotoThe Toronto Blue Jays say Vladimir Guerrero, Jr.’s not major league-ready at 19, despite tearing up the minors, including Triple A. SC’s Jeff Kallman says pants on fire — they’re not ready to stop manipulating his future MLB career. Complete Story

The Phillies Close Out Harper’s Bazaar

Sports Photo… and did two things concurrently, says SC’s Jeff Kallman. They made themselves instant NL East favorites, and they inflated the market for an even better player two years for now. (Hint: he’s an Angel now.) Complete Story

Baseball Wants Spyball Under Arrest

Sports PhotoMajor League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred wants to crack down on high-tech sign-stealing. SC’s Jeff Kallman says Leo Durocher, call your office, wherever you are. Complete Story

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