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MLB 2021: Wanted: A Laundromat

Sports PhotoBaseball’s dirty laundry needs to be cleaned up? You can be sure … if it’s Manfredhouse, says SC’s Jeff Kallman. Complete Story

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Glasses in the NBA: Past, Present, and Future

Sports PhotoSC’s Brian Wallace provides a look at the past, present, and the future of eyewear in the NBA. There’s more to glasses than form and function — technology may lead the way to an immersive experience. Complete Story

The Mets Bet Max (the Knife)

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman says the New York Mets shook off their offseason dysfunction to sign Max Scherzer big. But what’s next? Complete Story

Fixing the MLB Hall of Fame Voting, Revisited

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman has ideas on how to make baseball’s Hall of Fame voting far less problematic — and far more inclusive. Complete Story

ALDS: “Whatever it Takes to Win”

Sports PhotoThat was the watchword for the Red Sox as they shook off a Game 1 shutout to dispatch the Rays three straight to win their American League division series. Complete Story

Why Are MLB’s Two Best Teams Meeting in the NLDS?

Sports PhotoThe teams with baseball’s two best records, the Giants and the Dodgers, are facing off in the playoffs one round too early. Here’s why that’s unfair all the way around. Complete Story

It Wasn’t Over Until it Was Over

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman says a ninth-inning battle between two near-forgotten men ended in a 2-run homer and the L.A. Dodgers headed for an NL division-series showdown with their lifelong blood rival Giants. Complete Story

When the Stat Nerds Took Over Baseball

Sports PhotoSC’s Brian Wallace takes a look at how sports changed from scouting and thinking from the gut into the Moneyball world of sports analytics and sabermetrics. Watch the rise of the A’s MLB franchise and how they were able to compete in an otherwise unfair game of extravagant payrolls. Complete Story

Another Nice Mess They’ve Gotten Into

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman says farewell to the 2021 New York Mets, whose August collapse makes them the first ever to hold first for 103 days, but finish with a losing record. Complete Story

It’s a Gaus, Gaus, Gaus … Sort of

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman says Giants pitcher Kevin Gausman hitting a game-winning sacrifice fly as an unlikely pinch hitter isn’t an argument against the designated hitter. Complete Story

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