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MLB Needs to Bring Back the “First Division”

Sports PhotoRemember when finishing in the “first division” was regarded in baseball as worth playing for, and among the fans, worth rooting for? SC’s Anthony Brancato explains how those days can be brought back, with the owners making one simple change. Complete Story

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The Top Seven Most Iconic Jerseys in MLB History

Sports PhotoMLB has reintroduced a wide variety of throwback jerseys in recently and they’ve quickly become fashion staples for fans. Here are the top seven most iconic that you may or may not still see around today. Complete Story

Fans Alone Don’t Pay Baseball Salaries Anymore

Sports PhotoWhen a few Mets turned thumbs-down after good plays in response to a month’s worth of Citi Field boo birds, numerous fans screamed reminders of who pays their salaries. That’s not the case anymore. Complete Story

Phoenix Rising, For One Night in Baltimore

Sports PhotoThe Baltimore Orioles ended their 19-game losing streak at home Wednesday night, but SC’s Jeff Kallman explains why the Orioles remain Exhibit A on behalf of ending and banning tanking once and for all. Complete Story

Of Fathers, Sons, Dreams, Rapprochement, and Baseball

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman — a father who can’t reconcile with his own father — ponders last week’s “Field of Dreams” Game between the NY Yankees and the Chicago White Sox next to the famous film’s famous field. Complete Story

Does “Peaking” in Sports Exist?

Sports PhotoAre the Phillies “peaking at the right time?” And did last year’s Steelers “peak too early?” Or are these terms nothing more than journalistic cliches? SC’s Anthony Brancato provides his analysis. Complete Story

J.R. Richard, RIP: Redeemed

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman remembers the towering Astro right-hander who left hitters quaking, whose career was ended by strokes after misdiagnosed shoulder and arm issues, and who hit rock-bottom only to resurrect himself with a little help from his friends. Complete Story

Two World Series Finishers Move On

Sports PhotoMax Scherzer — a Dodger. Anthony Rizzo — a Yankee. Kris Bryant — a Giant. SC’s Jeff Kallman looks at the MLB trade deadline deals that sent three significant World Series drought enders away from the teams for whom they triumphed. Complete Story

The Guardians Are Coming

Sports PhotoThat’ll be the Indians’ new name starting in 2022. SC’s Jeff Kallman says the social media meatheads should have done their homework before exploding over what “Guardians” means to Cleveland. Complete Story

Roots and Blues

Sports PhotoMLB Commissioner Rob Manfred says he’d like to steer baseball back to its roots. SC’s Jeff Kallman has a question — which roots? Complete Story

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