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Just … No*

Sports PhotoAbout that revived talk of the asterisk that did. not. exist. lawfully. or otherwise, with Aaron Judge meeting Roger Maris? SC’s Jeff Kallman says knock it the hell off. Complete Story

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Well-Understood Judge Meets Misunderstood Maris

Sports PhotoOn Wednesday night, the Leaning Tower of 161st Street, Aaron Judge, tied Roger Maris’s AL single-season home run record at last. SC’s Jeff Kallman appreciates both. Complete Story

Paid in Full to Club 700

Sports PhotoHall of Famer-in-waiting Albert Pujols paid his club dues with 2 blasts last Friday night. SC’s Jeff Kallman pays homage to Pujols. Complete Story

Going Like Sixty?

Sports PhotoAaron Judge is squarely on the threshold of becoming the American League’s new single-season home run champion. But SC’s Jeff Kallman says don’t let his September tear fool you, it’s not that easy. Complete Story

Will “Fading Phillies” Do it Again?

Sports PhotoThe “Curse of ‘64” is still very much alive in Philadelphia, as the Phillies have seen their engine stall out at the end of each of the last four seasons. Will it happen again? SC’s Anthony Brancato analyzes. Complete Story

About Those New MLB Rule Changes

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman is okay with most of them. But he still has a problem with one that wasn’t changed and another that should be changed. Read on to find out. Complete Story

Does Fall Coming Mean an Epic Yankee Fall?

Sports PhotoOnce 15.5 games ahead of the American League East pack, the Yankees now seem deflating at a pace rapid and deep enough to threaten the worst pennant collapse in the team’s history, says SC’s Jeff Kallman. Complete Story

“Your Credibility is Further Impacted…”

Sports PhotoIt turns out that then-Houston Astros GM Jeff Luhnow tried an Astrogate cover-up while knowing MLB’s hounds were on its trail, says SC’s Jeff Kallman. Complete Story

New MLB Playoff Format is Unfair

Sports PhotoWhile it is too late for baseball to correct the two glaring flaws in its new playoff format this season, there is more than enough time for it to be done in time for 2023 and beyond. SC’s Anthony Brancato explains exactly what is wrong, and how to fix it. Complete Story

The End of an Error?

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman says that if Los Angeles Angels owner Arte Moreno really does sell the team, Angel fans can’t wait to have a coast-to-coast sigh of relief. Complete Story

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