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Long Suffering? Washington Overqualifies

Sports PhotoIt’s easy to forget, but shouldn’t be, how long Washington baseball hasn’t seen the Promised Land, says SC’s Jeff Kallman. Complete Story

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Clayton Kershaw’s Darkest Hour

Sports PhotoAngry Dodger fans trashed Clayton Kershaw jerseys after the Nationals blew them out of the postseason Wednesday night. SC’s Jeff Kallman says it wasn’t Kershaw’s fault he was set up to fail. Complete Story

So Much For a Young Man’s Game

Sports PhotoFrom Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander to Ryan Zimmerman and Yadier Molina, baseball’s senior citizens are making more than a fair share of this postseason’s racket. Complete Story

A Homecoming For Maddon?

Sports PhotoThe Angels dumped Brad Ausmus Monday. Rumor had it they’d think about it if their former longtime bench coach who’s officially the Cubs’s ex-manager now became available, says SC’s Jeff Kallman. Complete Story

Could Ross Take the Cubs’ Bridge?

Sports PhotoThe Cubs are out of this year’s postseason, and SC’s Jeff Kallman ponders speculation that popular ex-Cub catcher David Ross might be manager Joe Maddon’s successor. Complete Story

Think, Don’t Lament

Sports PhotoContrary to the usual crowd of hysterics, this season’s hitting binge, power and otherwise, isn’t even close to something new for baseball, says SC’s Jeff Kallman. Complete Story

The Race to the MLB Playoffs is Getting Wild

Sports PhotoIt’s coming down to the wire. With still a few weeks go play, the race for the MLB playoffs is getting totally crazy. SC’s Scott Huntington takes a look at what to expect. Complete Story

Hey Justin: Kvit Yer Kvetchin’, Dude

Sports PhotoClosing in on his second AL Cy Young award, Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander has more to concern himself with than how many home runs batters are hitting. SC’s Anthony Brancato believes that Verlander should leave the conspiracy theories to the Alex Joneses of this world. Complete Story

A Real Saturday Night Special

Sports PhotoA scoreless inning with a punchout of Ronald Acuna, Jr. SC’s Jeff Kallman asks who could blame Aaron Barrett for weeping for joy after a near-four year comeback? Complete Story

Andrew Luck, Meet Sandy Koufax

Sports PhotoAndrew Luck’s retirement from football at 29 jolted sports almost the same way the Hall of Fame pitcher’s retirement at 30 did. SC’s Jeff Kallman takes a look at the similarities. Complete Story

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