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Bill Buckner, RIP: The Injustice of it All

Sports PhotoThe ill-fated ‘86 Red Sox first baseman died on Memorial Day of Lewy body dementia. SC’s Jeff Kallman pays tribute to the man who did not cost the Sox that World Series. Complete Story

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Toast of the Tomb?

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman wonders whether a sweep by the Mets this week may have written embattled Nats manager Dave Martinez’s execution orders. Complete Story

“Negadelphians” Want Phils’ Kapler Gone

Sports PhotoPhiladelphia sports fans have long had a reputation for believing that the glass is half empty — and in the case of the present Phillies, maybe not only are they right, but that someone needs to pay for it. SC’s Anthony Brancato breaks down the case of giving the “half empty” fans what they want. Complete Story

Are These Early-Season AL Frontrunners For Real?

Sports PhotoThe class of the AL looked set prior to the season, but a couple of potential October party-crashers have now entered the mix. SC’s Steve Brenna takes a look at whether the division-leading Twins and Rays are legitimate pennant contenders Complete Story

Red Sox and White Houses

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman says don’t read too much into the Red Sox’s fourth White House visit to their third president in this century … though some will, of course. Complete Story

A Survivor’s Milestone

Sports PhotoCC Sabathia’s days as a howitzer are long gone. SC’s Jeff Kallman says nailing his 3,000th strikeout testified to his spirit. Complete Story

Bellinger’s April Showers

Sports PhotoThe Dodgers first baseman/outfielder’s been a fun RBI freak so far. Emphasis on “so far,” alas, says SC’s Jeff Kallman. Complete Story

Political Correctness Invades Baseball

Sports PhotoCan’t we at least have sports as an escape from political correctness? Apparently not, says SC’s Anthony Brancato, citing the Tim Anderson/Brad Keller affair as proof. Complete Story

On the Yankees Purging Kate Smith

Sports PhotoFor recording a 1931 song that actually satirizes racism, the music legend becomes a presumed racist who won’t be heard at Yankee Stadium, says SC’s Jeff Kallman. Complete Story

A Tale of Two Davis’

Sports PhotoTwo sluggers, one name. One making headlines for home runs, the other for futility. SC’s Steve Brenna takes a look at the curious case of (K)Chris Davis. Complete Story

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