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Only One Team Should Wear 42 on Jackie Robinson Day

Sports PhotoBut SC’s Jeff Kallman has an idea for how all other MLB teams can honor the pioneering Hall of Famer that day. Complete Story

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Sports Talk Radio: Blessing or Curse?

Sports PhotoOn July 1, 2021, sports talk radio turns 34, since it is the date of birth of New York’s WFAN station. But is this something that we should be celebrating? SC’s Anthony Brancato is not so sure about that. Complete Story

Dusty Does the Whatabout

Sports PhotoDusty Baker wasn’t there for Astrogate, but SC’s Jeff Kallman says asking how many trolling fans never cheated is a bad look. Complete Story

Politics Comes to Baseball

Sports PhotoAnti-drunk driving crusaders like to say that gasoline and alcohol don’t mix. Well sports and politics don’t mix either, at least according to SC’s Anthony Brancato. Complete Story

This Mercedes Hit the Road Swinging

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman has a close look at the White Sox’s 28-year-old rookie who looked unstoppable in his first eight plate appearances of the 2021 season. Complete Story

No Argument Here?

Sports PhotoLament if you must over high tech dissipating wild on-field arguments, baseball fans, but ponder these ideas… Complete Story

This Commissioner Gotta Commission Better

Sports PhotoMLB commissioner Rob Manfred really should go, but SC’s Jeff Kallman says that, until he is gone, Manfred needs to step up his game for the sake of everyone. Complete Story

No Expanded Postseason; No Universal DH This Year

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman asks, “Guess which one deserves to stay — permanently.” Hint: it’s not the expanded postseason. Complete Story

Roger Maris, Sixty Springs Later

Sports PhotoSix decades ago, Roger Maris began preparing for the season in which he’d break Babe Ruth’s single-season home run record … and earn as much unwarranted hatred as admiration for his accomplishment, says SC’s Jeff Kallman. Complete Story

Is Mickeygate Tribegate Now?

Sports PhotoWhen exactly did the Cleveland Indians know they had a sexual harasser on their hands in Mickey Callaway? SC’s Jeff Kallman isn’t the only one asking. Complete Story

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