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An Ode to Eastern Michigan

Sports PhotoEastern Michigan has been the worst program in FCS football for a long time, and one of the biggest brains in college football is predicting more doom for them in 2016. SC’s Kevin Beane looks at why EMU has struggled and the extent of those struggles. Complete Story

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NASCAR Top 10 Power Rankings: Week 23

Sports PhotoKevin Harvick outlasted the rain and the field to win at Bristol, collecting his second win of the season. Harvick leads the Sprint Cup points standings by 27 over Brad Keslelowski. Check out SC’s rankings! Complete Story

Over/Under: New NFL Coaches

Sports PhotoSeven of the NFL’s 32 teams have changed head coaches since the start of the 2015 regular season. SC’s Brad Oremland evaluates the new hires, and examines their situations, producing an over/under figure on how long each tenure will last. Complete Story

Major Impression, Minor Perspective

Sports PhotoWith the college football season set to kickoff shortly, mid-majors are trying to dig out their place in line for the New Years’ Six bowl bid. SC’s Jonathan Lowe looks at the first ones in line that may gain our notice. Complete Story

An Independent Texas

Sports PhotoWhile the Big 12 ponders expansion, SC’s Jean Neuberger says that, regardless of who they select, the long-term success rides on Texas going out on its own. Complete Story

The Washington Strangler Takes His Leave

Sports PhotoEven if he hadn’t tried choking Bryce Harper last September, Jonathan Papelbon — now released by the NL East-leading Nationals — was an ill fit in Washington. Complete Story

Early Thoughts on the Rio Olympics

Sports PhotoAbout a week and a half into the Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro, SC’s Brad Oremland offers thoughts on everything from cycling and swimming to modern pentathlon and the shortcomings of NBC’s Olympic coverage of the Summer Games. Complete Story

Five Teams That Could Break Into the Playoffs

Sports PhotoIn a modern NFL season, a healthy number of the previous season’s playoff teams won’t be back the following January. SC’s Ross Lancaster looks at five teams that were .500 or worse in 2015 that could make the leap into the postseason in 2016. Complete Story

Liveblogging the Olympics

Sports PhotoSC’s Kevin Beane goes to channel surf through some Olympic volleyball, boxing (what’s up with the judges?) and weightlifting (what’s up with the mononames?) in the Slant Pattern! Complete Story

NASCAR Top 10 Power Rankings: Week 22

Sports PhotoDenny Hamlin won the Cheez-It 355 at the Glen for his second win of the season, while Joey Logano took third. Brad Keselowski, who finished third, now leads the Sprint Cup points standings. It’s Week 22’s rankings! Complete Story

Fielder’s End is a Pain in the Neck

Sports PhotoA second surgery for herniated neck disks took Prince Fielder out for the rest of this season — and, apparently, will compel him to call it a career, says SC’s Jeff Kallman. Complete Story

How to Challenge the NFL

Sports PhotoCould an upstart football league challenge the NFL? Should such a league attempt to challenge the NFL? SC’s Brad Oremland explains how and why a new pro football league could change the sport for the better. Complete Story

A-Rod, Accepting the End is Near

Sports PhotoAlex Rodriguez was always his own worst enemy — until he announced his end as a player was near, says SC’s Jeff Kallman. Complete Story

Retiring in Tears, with Class

Sports PhotoA great when his body allowed him to be, veteran first baseman Mark Teixeira made one Yankee rebuilding decision a lot easier when he announced his pending retirement. Complete Story

Why NBA Owners and Adam Silver Secretly Love Super Teams

Sports PhotoNBA Commissioner Adam Silver says he needs to “fix” the NBA in light of all the super teams that have been built over the last 10 years. In reality, though, super teams are good for business. Learn why. Complete Story

NASCAR Top 10 Power Rankings: Week 21

Sports PhotoRookie Chris Bueschler stunned the field to win the rain-shortened Pennsylvania 400. Brad Keselowski finished second and points-leader Kevin Harvick took fourth. Check out SC’s power rankings! Complete Story

Terrell Owens Made His Teams Worse

Sports PhotoDo good statistics make a good player? SC’s Brad Oremland explains why Terrell Owens’ excellent statistics aren’t reflective of his effect on the teams he played for. Those teams got worse when Owens arrived, and better after he was gone. Complete Story

Too Hot to Touch?

Sports PhotoIt’s inevitable that a hot seat will turn into a icy exit for some college football coaches. Which ones face the threat of both this year? SC’s Jonathan Lowe analyzes. Complete Story