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Let’s Negotiate Sensibly About Baseball’s Game Pace

Sports PhotoBaseball commissioner Rob Manfred tells the players’ union, “Talk, or else!” about pace-of-game changes to come. SC’s Jeff Kallman says, “Talk, period,” and consider all angles of all prospective changes. Complete Story

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The DeMarcus Cousins Trade: Why, Kings?

Sports PhotoThe Sacramento Kings made a terrible decision in trading big man DeMarcus Cousins, especially given what they got in return. SC’s Kevin Beane tries to make sense of it, but is ultimately stumped. Complete Story

The State of Sports News

Sports PhotoWhat news counts as sports news? Sports fans reading last weekend’s news headlines might notice a lot more scandal than sport. SC’s Brad Oremland explains why that’s a problem for the future of sports media. Complete Story

Double-Digit Darlings

Sports PhotoEvery year, there are teams who destroy NCAA tourney brackets with monumental upsets in March. SC’s Jean Neuberger selects three sleeper teams with a chance to shatter the hopes of many next month. Complete Story

Shorten Games? Cut Warmup Pitches

Sports PhotoNo, SC’s Jeff Kallman isn’t crazy, but he does think it might be better to eliminate the eight warmups on the mound before a reliever goes to work — better for the pitchers and better for the game pace. Complete Story

NFL’s Most Dominant Wins of 2016

Sports PhotoWith the 2016 NFL season in the rearview mirror, SC’s Brad Oremland examines the most dominant wins (and most embarrassing losses), including two wins each by the Falcons, Cardinals, and Colts. Complete Story

The West’s Destiny?

Sports PhotoThe last time a team from the Western United States made a Final Four, Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook were in UCLA uniforms. In 2017, however, there are four teams in the Pacific or Mountain time zones that have a solid shot to break that drought. Complete Story

Gregg Popovich vs. Phil Jackson

Sports PhotoSC’s Kevin Beane takes a look at the illustrious coaching career of Gregg Popovich and compares it to that of Phil Jackson. Jackson is still the more celebrated and touted coach. Is that fair? We find out in the Slant Pattern. Complete Story

Can Federer Continue His Brilliant Start?

Sports PhotoRoger Federer’s Australian Open win sent a shockwave through the tennis world. Few people thought that the Swiss star would mount a comeback, but with the wealth of talent that the 35-year-old possesses, we should have all seen it coming. Complete Story

That Sweet Wasatch Sound

Sports PhotoIt’s a fact of life that very few teams have a shot at the title once the season begins. Doesn’t mean that the drama is lacking as teams jockeying for their chance at glory. SC’s Jonathan Lowe looks into a possible new entrant in the race for a championship. Complete Story

Super Bowl LI Review

Sports PhotoA historic game saw the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history, the first overtime Super Bowl, and several significant individual records. SC’s Brad Oremland breaks down the game, with thoughts on the 2017 Hall of Fame class, plus the commercials and halftime show. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Super Bowl LI

Sports PhotoThe Falcons and Patriots battle in Houston for the Super Bowl LI trophy. SC’s Jeffrey Boswell has the story, with a special appearance by Rob Gronkowski and topical halftime performance by Lady GaGa, featuring a host of special guests. Complete Story

The ‘66 Shots That Changed Baseball

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman revisits the spring 1966 joint contract holdout of Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale, and the same spring’s advent of Marvin Miller with the Players’ Association, two acts that began changing the game forever … and for the better. Complete Story

Reviewing 2016 NFL Preseason Picks

Sports PhotoWith the NFL’s 2016 season one game from its conclusion, SC’s Brad Oremland looks back at his preseason power rankings to see what was right and what was wrong. New England in the Super Bowl was a hit, but Dallas at 6-10 was a clear miss. Complete Story

Cinderella’s Wearing Purple For 2017

Sports PhotoThe story of the 2017 college basketball season has been the surprising run of the Northwestern Wildcats. SC’s Jean Neuberger says that, despite it being a month from March, Northwestern holds the glass slippers for the tournament. Complete Story

Super Bowl LI Proposition Bets

Sports PhotoSuper Bowl LI is upon us, and SC’s Jeffrey Boswell has a number (83, to be exact), of proposition bets, perfect for the office pool participant, hardcore gambler, and everyone in between. Please play responsibly, or not. Complete Story

Thoughts On the 2017 Australian Open

Sports PhotoSC’s Kevin Beane provides a recap at the midway point of the Australian Open, where he looks at how Mischa Zverev upset Andy Murray, the return of the old guard in the men’s game, Coco Vandeweghe’s emergence, and more in Slant Pattern! Complete Story

Yordano Ventura, RIP: Maturity Robbed

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman says goodbye to the talented, but too often temperamental Royals pitcher who tragically died this past weekend at the age of 25. Complete Story