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The Storms of February

Sports PhotoFrom Kentucky’s dominance to Kansas State’s melee, the last week in February provided quite the storylines. SC’s Jean Neuberger looks at this past week’s events that defined the month in college hoops. Complete Story

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Marsel Ilhan Makes History Again

Sports PhotoMarsel Ilhan, the best player from Turkey, yet little-known player in the world rankings, made history in the ATP Dubai 500 tournament. SC’s Mert Ertunga puts into perspective Ilhan’s achievement. Complete Story

NASCAR Top 10 Power Rankings: Week 1

Sports PhotoJoey Logano won the Daytona 500, outrunning Kevin Harvick and Denny Hamlin as the race ended under a yellow flag. SC’s Jeffrey Boswell has the review and reaction in 2015’s inaugural rankings. Complete Story

Greatest NFL Quarterbacks: All-Underrated List

Sports PhotoThe excellent Football Perspective recently published the results of a crowd-sourcing project to identify the best QBs of all-time. SC’s Brad Oremland calls attention to five great players underrated in the voting. Complete Story

No More Goliaths

Sports PhotoGonzaga, college basketball’s perennial upstart underdog, is 27-1 and headed toward another March class with the sport’s giants. But SC’s Corrie Trouw says the gap between the Davids and Goliaths of the hardwood is smaller than ever. Complete Story

NBA Week In Review

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeffrey Boswell takes a look back at the week in the NBA, which featured the All-Star Game festivities, lots of Charles Barkley, and Kevin Durant’s media storm. Also, an early Finals prediction. Complete Story

Are the Hawks the Last of Their Kind?

Sports PhotoThis year’s Atlanta Hawks have been something amazing to watch. Despite not having a household name or big-contract player, they’re playing inspired team basketball. SC’s Ross Lancaster explains why they might be the last of their breed. Complete Story

Over/Under: New NFL Coaches

Sports PhotoSeven of the NFL’s 32 teams have changed head coaches since the end of the 2014 regular season. SC’s Brad Oremland evaluates the new hires, and examines their situations, producing an over/under figure on how long each tenure will last. Complete Story

How Much of a Bargain is James Shields?

Sports PhotoThe San Diego Padres signed James Shields for four years and around $75 million. SC’s Jeff Kallman says it’s a good deal if the Padres realize Big Game James doesn’t live here anymore — if he ever did. Complete Story

NASCAR 2015 Predictions

Sports PhotoThe 2015 NASCAR season is right around the corner. SC’s Jeffrey Boswell has a preview, including Kurt Busch’s new car number, Dale Earnhardt, Jr.’s brush with the law, and the 2015 Sprint Cup champion. Complete Story


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