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Can Anyone Stop the Tampa Bay Lightning?

Sports PhotoThe Tampa Bay Lightning have the best record in the league, and it’s not close. Can they keep it up all the way to the playoffs? SC’s Scott Huntington takes a look. Complete Story

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NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 15

Sports PhotoThe Chargers and Chiefs clash, while Jalen Ramsey dresses for the job he wants against the Redskins. Marvin Lewis is at a loss for words, and the benched Joe Flacco has “resting bench face.” Check out Jeffrey Boswell’s Week 15 NFL predictions! Complete Story

America, Meet Kyler Murray: Part II

Sports PhotoOklahoma’s newly-minted Heisman Trophy winner is now officially a national headline. SC’s Steve Brenna ponders the insanity that could ensue if the dual-sport star captures a national title at Oklahoma, then walks away from the gridiron for good. Complete Story

NFL Power Rankings Week 15

Sports PhotoBaby, it’s getting cold outside. Am we allowed to say that? December football is in full force, and gone are the early-season shootouts. Defense reigned king in Week 14, but we will see how long that lasts. Check out this week’s power rankings. Complete Story

Electing Baines a Royal Pain in Hall of Fame

Sports PhotoHarold Baines was a nice guy, a fine designated hitter, controversy free, with a very long career, and nowhere near a Hall of Famer, which didn’t stop the Today’s Era Committee from electing him anyway. Complete Story

Duke is Most Famous Team, But Are They the Best?

Sports PhotoMany think Duke is will run away with this year’s college basketball season. Unfortunately for them, there is a loaded field behind them looking to make their mark. And as we all know, anything can happen come March Madness. Complete Story

The Mets Roll Big With Diaz/Cano

Sports PhotoThe big deal between the Mets and the Mariners — making Mets of AL saves leader Edwin Diaz and second baseman Robinson Cano — will make new Mets GM Brodie Van Wagenen look like either a genius or a nutbag, says SC’s Jeff Kallman. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 14

Sports PhotoAaron Rodgers shouts ‘T-H-E A-X’ in Green Bay, while Lamar Jackson showcases the next wave of QBs vs. the Chiefs. The Cowboys display “zero tolerance” for losing to the Eagles, and the Bears host the Rams. Here are Week 14’s picks. Complete Story

Why the Wilder/Fury Draw Was Correct

Sports PhotoA lot of people have a problem with Tyson Fury being denied a win over Deontay Wilder last weekend, but a lot of people are wrong. SC’s Kevin Beane breaks down why a tie was a fair result in the Slant Pattern. Complete Story

NFL Power Rankings Week 14

Sports PhotoThe NFL playoff picture is starting to take form. The Cowboys made a statement on Thursday. The Chargers went cross-country for a Sunday night comeback. And the New York football Giants got in the Christmas spirit early. Check out this week’s rankings! Complete Story

Strong Out of the Gate

Sports PhotoYou’re aware of the big dogs of college basketball, but what teams are having “under the radar” starts that could provide big things in a few months? SC’s Jonathan Lowe recognizes the lesser-known programs that are floating to the surface. Complete Story

The Lion Doesn’t Roar For Pete Rose

Sports PhotoMLB’s new partnership with gaming/entertainment giant MGM Resorts doesn’t open the door for Pete Rose to stand for election to the Hall of Fame. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 13

Sports PhotoThe Cowboys host the Saints and Michael Thomas, who introduces his “Who Data” cell phone. The Rams are the “Latest Show on Turf” in Detroit, while the Vikings visit Foxboro, and the Steelers host the Chargers, says SC’s Jeffrey Boswell. Complete Story

CFB Playoff: Eight is Enough

Sports PhotoAs teams like Oklahoma and Ohio State fight for a chance to get the coveted last spot in the College Football Playoff, SC’s Jean Neuberger explains why it’s time to expand the playoff to an eight-team format. Complete Story

For the Mariano, Cooperstown Should Be Unanimous

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman says it’s time to smash a stupid precedent and make the deserving New York Yankee legend the BBWAA’s first unanimous Hall of Fame inductee. Complete Story

NFL Power Rankings Week 13

Sports PhotoNo Mitch Trubisky? No problem for the Bears. Get behind 19-3? No problem for the Eagles as Carson Wentz orchestrates a rare comeback win. SC’s Anthony Brancato analyzes how these and other weekend results impact this week’s power rankings. Complete Story

Make the FBS Playoff a “Dirty Dozen”

Sports PhotoPrior to 1998, there was no real national championship in major college football. Then came the playoff system known as the BCS, followed by the four-team playoff. But is this enough? It most definitely is not. Complete Story

Deconstructing Darren Rovell’s Tweets II

Sports PhotoSC’s Kevin Beane takes a deep-dive into Darren Rovell’s tweets, and comes out talking about Thanksgiving pizza, the bookies taking a bath on MNF, P.J. Fleck, and more in this week’s Slant Pattern! Complete Story

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