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NAR(cotics) 09-18-2010 12:30 PM

The Union is Being De-certified - What does this mean for the league?
NFL teams prepping for lockout - NFL - Yahoo! Sports

For the first time since 1989 the Union is being de-certified. This gives players the option to sue the league in case of a holdout which gives them more pushing power but also means its far more likely that they are gearing up for a war, and a holdout.

What do you think and what are you going to do if there is no football in 2011?

Marc 09-18-2010 12:43 PM

I'm going to cry if there's no football. I don't think the NFL is immune if the other leagues have suffered through one, but I think an owners' lockout is possible.

Anthony 09-21-2010 02:35 AM

I'm not as pessimistic as either of you: Notice how amicably the union and the owners reached an agreement concerning how long Vincent Jackson will be suspended in the event that he is traded.

And one thing this move does do is assure the inevitability of the 18-game regular-season schedule: After all, if there is no union to disapprove (or approve) of the change ... and on what grounds could any individual player sue the league to try and stop it?

Hey, I'll gladly "trade" no games in 2011 for 18 games instead of 16 in 2012 and beyond.

NAR(cotics) 09-21-2010 10:40 PM

I won't I WILL never gladly take zero football games in any calender year. This is my life.

Anthony 09-22-2010 08:15 AM

Guess you don't remember the 1982 strike?

Two months without the NFL - and somehow I managed to survive; and now it would be even easier for me, with the UFC and everything.

NAR(cotics) 09-22-2010 10:37 AM

Well I wasn't alive in 1982 since I am 20 years old in November, so naw don't remember that. But Football is a sacred sport in America, a lot of strikes ruin their respective leagues, football players and owners no that in the NFL that will never happen.

People will always come back, they can afford a strike and that scares me. I don't want no football, it's the only sport I watch EVERY GAME, I have NFL Pass, I do not want to lose that. It keeps me sane, for real.

I have ways to cope with the loss, I got a girlfriend, video games, other sports, I just really don't want to.

Anthony 09-23-2010 09:43 AM

But I won't hold any grudges if there is a work stoppage, whether it's a strike initiated by the players or a lockout initiated by the owners; and hey, if they do go to 18 games that may be the thing that makes me spring for NFL Sunday Ticket!

And if there is such an interruption, it only serves to make 18 games that much more inevitable, as the league will be anxious to do something to soothe the feelings of the fans who do feel anger or cynicism over the stoppage (note how the NHL initiated its shootout rules in the wake of its own labor dispute).

NAR(cotics) 09-23-2010 09:31 PM

Thats what I am saying your not going to be pissed, there are a lot of people with that same feeling, and the NFL knows it. The NFL owners no they can lockout the players for as long as they want because the fans will always be there. THAT is not good.

Anthony 09-24-2010 05:41 AM

Once upon a time, I wanted my MTV.

Well now, I want my 18 games - and I have every confidence that I will get it.

NAR(cotics) 09-24-2010 10:55 AM

MTV is not MTV anymore, its just TV.

That being said, I want an 18 game regular season as much as you, but not at the expense of an entire year without football, losing 16 games to add 2, thats ridiculous.

doublee 10-10-2010 11:21 PM


Originally Posted by NAR(cotics) (Post 302871)
MTV is not MTV anymore, its just TV.

And crappy TV at that.


That being said, I want an 18 game regular season as much as you, but not at the expense of an entire year without football, losing 16 games to add 2, thats ridiculous.
I am not sure the 18 game season is the crux of the issue right now. The players are amenable to an 18 game season, however, they want to be compensated fairly for it and want the health coverage changed as a result because anyone with a brain knows an 18 game season is going to shorten a lot of careers.

Now that there are rumblings of the union filing a collusion law suit against the league I'd say it has more to do with how the money is going to be divvied up more than anything.

Anthony 10-15-2010 03:58 AM

This labor impasse loomed on the horizon long before the owners even broached the subject of 18 games.

And ironically, the union's goals in football appear to be the opposite of that of their counterparts in baseball, in that the NFL players seem to want to help "small-market" teams like Green Bay and Buffalo stay competitive.

doublee 10-17-2010 03:58 PM

Well, I am sure the players realize that something that sets them apart from MLB and the NBA is that they have a good mix of teams that make the playoffs each year. One of the reasons the NFL is so popular is it is not the same handful of teams in the playoffs each year or the same teams that land all of the marquee free agents. They realize that when every team in the league is competitive and financially stable it means there is more money to be had on the free agency market. Whereas in baseball if the big market teams like the Yankees, Cubs, Dodgers, Mets, or Red Sox are not active in free agency the market becomes depressed.

The NBA is starting to head that way too with a lot of the mid and small market teams scaling back payrolls and being more mindful of staying under the cap than the bigger markets they are becoming less competitive and interest in waning in a lot of those cities.

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