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TRAVIS13 07-21-2003 09:04 AM

So what kornbix????? I,m not a gannon fan. He,s overated a lot. The whole point is that pittsburghs pass defense will be bad again. Stay on the topic boy.

t13 is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rickcoyle 07-21-2003 09:32 AM

Travis you are an idiot, im sorry but you know nothing about steelers defense. You think they have a bad pass rush? YOU ARE A MORON. They have three pro bowl linebackers back there. Jason Gildon, Joey Porter, Kendrell Bell. When your silly cowboys get three linebackers like that you let me know. And another thing. You are the biggest hipicrit in here. You say how can a rookie help out? Well the only thing the Ravens did over the offseason was add rookies. So if rookies dont help then your ravens are still gonna get their butts handed to them by the steelers.

TRAVIS13 07-21-2003 10:15 AM

I,m going to follow the rules and not call you names like you did to me. idiot and moron. Yeah thanks. I never said they had no pass rush. I said there defensive backfield is a poor level. Adding a rookie isn,t going to make it for them. Sorry to break that bad news to you. The last three games they plaeyed last year they gave up points like 34, 33, 31. That sucks you see. Man do I even need to really explain that too you??? LFMAO It,s time for the ravens to fly over you. get it? lol

t13 is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

MountaineerDave 07-21-2003 03:57 PM

Rick-- that's probably about it with the idiot and moron stuff. Disagreement, even vehement, is fine. I don't actually mind the occasional insult. However, there's nothing gained by it, so once and drop it. Got it?

Meanwhile, on topic and off parenting, I think you selectively remember the Steelers last season. Lee Flowers was only part of the problem. Logan is not a guy you want starting at FS, and Hope being ready is a HUGE question mark, especially if you intend to start a rookie at SS. Washington had an ABYSSMAL year as the #2 corner. How is not replacing him a good thing? Scott was equally guilty at #1 corner? How can not replacing him be a good thing? The Steelers have a cruddy secondary; as cruddy a secondary as their receiving corps is good. If all of your defensive hopes are pinned on Kendrell Bell remaining healthy, your defense is SCREWED. He's two years in the league and appears to be a health risk. Great hitter? Yes. Great potential? Absolutely. The savior of an age-weakened defense? I doubt it.

As for Maddox: if he goes down, or doesn't perform, how the heck is Charlie Batch going to be the answer? Sure, the Steelers have nice receivers, but the ball has to get going in the right direction first. There's been very little from Batch to suggest that he's the right guy to get the ball there. And if Batch is your QB, or the Steelers decide to run the ball every down, you have to be concerned about the offensive line. That right tackle position could be the bugaboo for the '03 Steelers that it was for the '02 Rams and '02 Patriots. And you saw what those teams did down the stretch, right?

Rose-shaded glasses are fine, when they're warranted. If the Steelers were overwhelmingly young, and had stayed the course, there would be reason for hope. The Steelers are aging and really not very good at a couple of positions, some of them critical. If they finish better than 9-7, I'll be pleased.

BTW, I'm a Steelers fan from birth. Ten years ago, I might have thought as you did. I understand the game better now than I did then, and I read more than the Steelers Official Preview Magazine in preparing for the season. The Steelers will finish second in the division IF they can avoid having to go to St Pierre at QB.


rickcoyle 07-21-2003 06:18 PM

I agree that the steelers will be not be ok in the next couple of years. Maybe not even the year after next but this year i believe firmly that they will be okay. I dont even think theyll win 10 games. Maybe they will who knows? Im sorry if i like to look on the bright side of things but i dont really see them being a flop team. If they dont win the division and finish over .500, so what? I dont see what they have lost over the off season other than a mediocre strong safety. Maybe you and travis are right. Lets just wait and see.

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