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jamesfeger 12-09-2007 08:02 AM

The Serve and Side-Out Order
The Serve, a Side-Out Order, and Five Hit Play Volleyball /Soccer

Undefeated and Master Blaster

No-Use and the Islanders remain undefeated in this season’s Rocball round robin competition. And, Val Taisakan of the Islanders is this year’s first “Master Blaster”. Val scored a “jam” Saturday night in the game against No-Mercy to complete the conditions of earning the title. Of the techniques to score in heavy hitting, the jam is the most difficult.

A jam is a play where a person at the net can knock down a served ball just as it is about to cross over the net, and score a court point with one or less opponents touching the ball before the ball lands on the court.

Team No-Use came out of last weekend’s game as an undefeated team in this year’s Rocball games. Evenflow, Islanders and No-Use were the three undefeated teams in Rocball after the Try-Outs knocked off No-Mercy in last week’s games.

The game between the undefeated started off well for Evenflow. No-Use won the serve but Evenflow scored the first point and then scored a three point goal on volley off their first serve to jump out to a 4-0 lead in the first set. No-Use came back and scored a two point backcourt kee off Evenflow’s second serve and then caught on fire, and went on to win first set 18 to 6.

The second set between the undefeated was a long fought out victory for Evenflow. Evenflow and No-Use went back and forth with the lead in the second set up to point 13. Evenflow and No-Use were tied at point 13 when a xunk serve caught No-Use flatfooted and off balance. The xunk dropped No-Use to 11 points and put the momentum of play with Evenflow. Evenflow went on to win the second set 25 to 19. :)

Evenflow’s second set win proved to be their best play of the game. Because, No-Use dominated the rest of the game with a 20 to 8 win in the third set and 19 to 8 win in the fourth set to stop Evenflow from forcing them into OT and juiced-out with a 75 to 47 game winning score.

The heavy hitter of this game was Sivas Awes of No-Use with 2 aces and 4 kees for 12 points. There were 8 aces, 4 xunks, and 17 kees scored in the game. No-Use made 1 block, 1 dig, 4 kills, and 1 shank. Evenflow made 1 block, 2 kills, 2 shanks, and 1 save.

jamesfeger 12-09-2007 04:27 PM

Where do I go to find information about team net sports like volleyball on the Sports Central Message Boards:?

jamesfeger 12-10-2007 07:09 AM

The Serve, a Side-Out Order, and Five Hit Play

Local Boys beat Naturals

Both the Local Boys and Naturals were winless going into this game. And Naturals, despite shanking the first serves of possession twice at 11 points, drew first blood with an 18-11 first set win. :mad:

Naturals scored on set point after the Local Boys lost serve and a point off their only shank of the set.

In the second set, the Naturals were the only team that lost a point off a shank serve. The battle for the second set was a tight win for Local Boys at 18-17. In the third set, the Local Boys took charge and won it 20-12.;)

At the end of the third set, the game score was Local Boys 49 and Naturals 47. Both teams were in good position to win the game.

Local Boys only had to win the fourth set to juice-out and Naturals only had to win the fourth set with a three-point margin to win the game. But it was the Local Boys' night and they won the game off a dink at set point for a 18-14 fourth set score and the game.

The heavy hitter of the game was Typhoon Saito of Naturals with two aces and two kees for eight points. There were nine aces, 12 kees, and two goals scored. Naturals made a dig, 18 kills, and 10 shanks. Local Boys made three digs, four kills, and four shanks. :cool:

jamesfeger 12-10-2007 10:14 PM

5 hits :cool:

One hit off the serve

Two hits to return a served ball

Each team will have 5 hits to score

Only the team in service has closure

Court scoring is one point

Aces are two points

"Kees" backcourt scoring is two points

Goals are three points. Goalie doesn't rotate

Quarter/set system to win

O-kon overtime rules

And, the FIVB only wished they had the flexibility :D

jamesfeger 12-12-2007 01:53 AM




: :eek:

jamesfeger 12-12-2007 07:41 AM

The Serve, a Side-Out Order, and Five Hits

Islanders beat No-Mercy

The Islanders, undefeated in their first two games of the round robin, and No-Mercy, coming off their first defeat of the year, played the last game on Saturday night.

In the first phase of Rocball in the 18-team elimination series, No-Mercy defeated the Islanders. But last Saturday proved to be a payback moment for the Islanders.:thumbup:

It started off bad for the Islanders as No-Mercy came out swinging and thrashed them in first set 19-10.

The Islanders seemed a little unnerved at the first set loss and shanked a first serve of the second set giving No-Mercy the present of the lead with an unearned rally point. No-Mercy took their present and turned it into a 9-3 lead before the Islanders were able to regroup and tie-up the score at 11-all.

The Islanders took the lead in the second set, 14-12, when Shane Yamada slammed in a goal to make the score, 15-14, in favor of No-Mercy. The Islanders came back and scored a kee and regained the lead, 16-15, but lost the lead on their next possession off a shank serve and put the score, 15-15. :mad:

No-Mercy wasn't able to capitalize off the Islanders' mistake and went into a slump as the Islanders broke through No-Mercy's defense with a couple of kills that won them second set, 18-15.

The Islanders found their groove and unscrambled the secret of No-Mercy's defense coming off the second set win. The Islanders fought their way to a juice-out win taking the third and fourth sets, 19-9 and 18-13, with a game score of 65-56.:eek:

The game saw the two teams score in all categories of Rocball-ace, xunk, jam, kee, goal with blocks, digs, kills, shanks, and saves. The heavy hitter of the game was Kaleo Olaitiman with four aces and a kee for 10 points. There were 10 aces, a xunk, a jam, 10 kees, and five goals scored.

No-Mercy made a block, a kill, and three shanks. Islanders made two blocks, a dig, three kills, and a save.

jamesfeger 12-14-2007 10:43 PM

Three Catches and a Throw :eek:

I went to get a haircut today. My barber is from Okinawa and she was watching sports on the Japan National TV, NHK. I thought she was watching a volleyball game when I walked into the barber shop.:confused:

BUT What I saw was three catches and a throw. There were six players to a team, volleyball net, and a volleyball court. The players looked like they were either older elementary or young middle school players.: Game was 15 with 2 point margin to win.

The serve was a throw, there wern't any sets, and no spikes. :o

jamesfeger 12-16-2007 04:28 PM

No-Use rallies to remain lone undefeated team

After four weeks of play in the round-robin phase of the World Organized Rocball Community League, No-Use remains as the lone undefeated team of the 2007-2008 season after beating the first-year players of the Try-Outs in their toughest win of the year.

Try-Outs is fast becoming the team to watch as it has been pushing veteran teams to the limit after finally ridding themselves of volleyball's rules of play and integrate successfully into the world's first offensive and defensive scoring team net sport.

In Rocball's quarter/set system of play, a regular game can end in four sets, if a team outscores its opponents in game points and wins the fourth set.

Try-Outs cut through No-Use's defenses in the first three sets-19-6, 20-15, and 19-7-and started the fourth set with a 30-point lead. ;)

All Try-Outs had to do was win the fourth set to win the game and knock off the only undefeated team of the year with their first loss.

In Rocball, the fourth set separates the rookies from the veterans. The players of Try-Outs looked a little tired and maybe a little too comfortable for the thrashing they handed out to No-Use in the first three sets.

For its part, No-Use dug in, looked like they had found their resolve, and stopped Try-Outs from winning the fourth set and juice out. :mad:

No-Use won the fourth set, 20-16, and forced the game into overtime.

In overtime, or o-kon in Rocball, the team with the most points scored after four sets of play but failed to win the fourth set has the advantage.

Try-Outs had the highest score after four sets and only had to win one overtime set of 10 points or a goal to win the game. No-Use, meanwhile, had to win two overtime sets to win the game.

And No-Use did just that, winning both OTs, 13-7 and 11-9, to remain unscathed in the competition.:)

The heavy hitter of the game was Ichnis Kapwich of No-Use with three aces, a xunk, three kees, and a goal for 17 points. The heavy hitter for Try-Outs was Larry Sharry with three aces, two xunks, and three kees for 16 points.

There were 19 aces, seven xunks, 12 kees, and four goals scored. Try-Outs made a block, two digs, 11 kills, three saves, and three shank serves. No-Use made three blocks, three kills, and seven shanked serves.:cool:

jamesfeger 12-22-2007 07:22 AM

The Shank:mad:

In a team net sport like volleyball the serve is the action that starts and ends a game. In the FIVB version of this team net sport it is considered a competitive action to award the receiving team a point every time there is a bad serve. A team can win a game on an unearned point. This is what happens with rally point scoring.:thumbdown:

In the team net sport that first developed offensive and defensive scoring, Rocball, only if the first serve of possession is bad can a bad serve cause the score between teams to change. If the first serve of possession is bad, it is called a shank and the serving team loses a point for delay of game. This way the difference of the scores between teams change without awarding an unearned point. And, a team has to have the serve in order to win a set or game.

jamesfeger 12-23-2007 11:29 AM

Naturals beat Evenflow in overtime

With the round-robin phase of the 2007-2008 season of the World Organized Rocball Community League ending next week, No-Use is the only team remaining undefeated. :cool:

There currently is a three-way tie for second place with No-Mercy, Try-Outs, and Evenflow with identical 3-2 win-loss cards each, and a two-way tie for third place with Naturals and Local Boys sporting 2-3 records each. :)

The last two teams, Islanders and Malat, are out of competition and don't have a chance for playoff spot.

Last Saturday night at the Marianas High School Gymnasium, Naturals won its second game in overtime game and knocked Evenflow out of sole possession of second place. :mad:

Naturals started the game against Evenflow with a shank serve that allowed Evenflow an unearned rally point and the lead.

Evenflow capitalized on Naturals' error and scored a 3-point goal off volley on their first serve. Evenflow went on a scoring spree that took them to an 18-11 set point.

Naturals came back and played aggressively at the net with three consecutive kills, some good defensive saves, blocks, and more kills, and a goal to come from behind and tie the set at 18-all.

Both teams served for set point twice before Evenflow hammered in a goal as the service team at set point and won the set, 23-20.

In the second set, Evenflow had the momentum and went on to beat the Naturals 19-13 and were leading in game points, 42-33, at the send of the second set.:rolleyes:

But in the third set, everything seemed to go wrong for Evenflow. The team was coming off the backcourt for the 2-point plays, but the ball was not coming down in the court.

Evenflow's kee shots were going over and off court on both sides of the goal and as a result, Naturals were back at the net striking down one kill after the other.

Naturals demolished Evenflow in the third set, 19-5, and took the lead in game points, 52-47.;)

In the last set of regular play, Evenflow needed to win the fourth set with a six-point margin to juice out. Naturals only had to win the fourth set and juice out (win).

Evenflow had the opportunities to win the fourth set by juice-out but they played like they were nervous and made three shank serves.

Naturals did what was working best for them and continued to aggressively attack at the net and despite Evenflow's best efforts in winning the fourth set, they were only able to win it by three points.

Evenflow won the fourth set with the least amount of game points scored and Naturals lost the fourth set with the most game points scored.

That effectively threw the game into overtime, which Evenflow has never lost in.

That was not the case last Saturday, however, as Naturals stopped Evenflow in the first overtime set, 11-3, for their second win of the season and an outside chance to make the playoffs.:thumbup:

The heavy hitter of the game was the beach volleyball MVP Typhoon Saito of Naturals with a xunk, five kees, and a goal for 15 points.There were seven aces, two xunks, 13 kees, and four goals scored.

Naturals made a block, three digs, nine kills, three saves, and two shanks. Evenflow made two blocks, two kills, three saves, and three shanks

jamesfeger 12-31-2007 10:53 PM

No Mercy ruins No-Use's attempt for perfect record

The round-robin phase of the 2007-2008 World Organized Rocball Community League concluded Saturday with No Mercy spoiling No-Use's quest for a perfect season at the Marianas High School Gymnasium. :mad:

No Mercy achieved what six other previous teams were unable to do the past couple of months by outscoring the powerhouse team and juicing out in four sets, 72-46.

Both teams played tight offense. The only shank, a serve that causes a team to lose a point, came in the middle of the fourth set by No-Use. Both teams were scoring multiple points from backcourt and kills from the net. No Mercy scored six two-point aces to No-Use's two aces.

Neither team served a xunk, a play in which the receiving team can lose two points off the serve, and the goalies of No Mercy deuced-out No Use's goalies 8-4, No-Use got the best of No Mercy in three point goals scored at 2-1, and in the art of putting down the dink, teams came out about even. ;)

At the end of the second set of play, teams were playing tight with No Mercy having the edge at 35-33. In the third set, No Mercy went out and crushed No-Use, 19-4. In the fourth set, No Mercy had a 17-point advantage over No-Use. But No-Use and No-Mercy are staffed with veteran Rocball players and know better to slack off in the last set of regular play in Rocball. They know you can't juice-out, win a Rocball game-in four sets with the most game points by losing the fourth set.

In Rocball's quarter/set system, a team has to win the fourth set to either win the game or force the other team into overtime. But the night belonged to No Mercy as they showed no signs of fatigue by doubling up No-Use with a fourth set score of 18-9.

The heavy hitter of the game was Myron Laniyo of No-Mercy with two aces, three kees, and a goal for 13 points. :cool:

jamesfeger 01-03-2008 04:34 PM

New Year's resolution? Change the way this kind of team net sport (volleyball) is played.

For almost 100 years, the Federation International de Volleyball (FIVB) has unsuccessfully managed this kind of team net sport. They couldn't think their way through a thought when they switched from the side-out scoring system, and shot themslves in the foot when they implemented the rally point system. They changed volleyball from a picnic sport to a sport for sissies. And, that is why the sport needs to be changed.:eek:

Jim Feger
Rocball founder

jamesfeger 01-07-2008 08:11 PM

Try-Outs eliminate Naturals

In the game that eliminated Naturals from any chance of making the playoffs, Try-Outs smashed their way to a 10-0 lead in the first set before the Naturals were able to score their first point. But, after scoring their first point of the game, Naturals scored up to 10 before losing the serve.

And for eight serves to the end of the first set, Naturals and Try-Outs scored away and tied up five more times before Try-Outs were able to close it down at 19-17.:rolleyes:

In the second set, Try-Outs took the lead and were at set point, 18-15 with the serve. At set point, Try-Outs served a shank dropped down to 17 points and gave serve back to Naturals.

Naturals were in good position to close the point gap and take the second set, but they served a shank and the second set score dropped to 14-17. On the first serve of the next play, at set point, Try-Outs' goalie scored a two-pointer off the volley and ended with a 19-14 win.

In the third set, Naturals stomped their way past Try-Outs for a 19-12 win and tied the game points between teams at 50 points each at the end of the third set. A third set game point tie in Rocball means there is no possibility of a game going into overtime. Whichever team could win the fourth set, would win the game.:mad:

And in the fourth set, it looked like Naturals were going to pull it off. Naturals jumped off to a 14-8 lead before Try-Outs were able to get the right kind of defense set up to stop Naturals.

Try-Outs held the Naturals to 14 point for the next five plays and pulled ahead at 15-14. Naturals got the serve back, but Try-Outs scored two points on defense, regained the serve, and scored a court point off their serve and volley to win the set and the game, 18-14.:thumbsup2:

Typhoon Saito of Naturals was the game's heavy hitter with three kees and two goals for 12 points.:cool:

themush 01-07-2008 08:47 PM

Seriously what the hell are you talking about?

jamesfeger 01-07-2008 10:53 PM


Originally Posted by themush (Post 266892)
Seriously what the hell are you talking about?

The evolution of a team net sport that has existed as long as basketball and with its roots of play originating from the same game as basketball. And, it was all born in the Americas:cool: Tens of millions of people around the world play volleyball but only a few know the reason why the FIVB changed the game from the side-out play to rally point.

"You do have some background knowledge and/or play of volleyball?"

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