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Sea of Red 10-18-2001 04:39 PM

The BCS will show this...
1. Oklahoma

Regardless of the Coaches Poll, OU's defense will shine through the BCS. They held a team who averaged in the 40's to 3 points. Not to mention defeating #5 and #9. OU has convincingly defeated the rest of the schedule.

Face it. OU has a great coaching staff and will win big games. I am really looking foward to Oklahoma vs. Nebraska.

2. Miami

This team is very good. However, some of their wins were not as convincing as the Va Tech or The Oklahoma Wins. The games against Troy State and Florida State were not too convincing.

3. Nebraska

This team will not go in front of these teams above. They did not impress me that much until these last weeks. Against Northwestern and Troy State, they were not impressive.

4. Va Tech

This team is good. They have had an easy schedule but I think there is definite talent. With wins like they have had (Although Boston College was not impressive, they will do good in the BCS.Va Tech is a good team.

5. Oregon

This team will have a VERY close run with Va Tech. They have not had very impressive wins, but like good teams do... They win. Watch for the Ducks.

NOTE: Watch out for Maryland. I think they could be a bigger threat than Fresno State. Especially after the Geargia Tech defeat.:D

Marc 10-18-2001 08:10 PM

Welcome, Sea of Red! You seem to know your college football, we welcome your thoughts and insight here! I also have to agree with you, I think Oklahoma, with Florida's recent loss, is the team to beat. Bob Stoops has another great team! Miami is right behind them, though, so Oklahoma can't afford any bad play.

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