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That's because culture today is set up where you can go thru life without ever playing a hand (to paraphrase Good Will Hunting).
True, but I'm not sure what the suggestions are as to be come an active participant... which I think is what you're saying-- people are passive, useless, onlookers.

Experience means you go thru something unrehearsed and gain a value/POV thru it. Then you apply that value in trial and error thru other experiences. This is how someone acquires a personality Rob. Your generation would rather use technology/academia/sounding boards to attain an angle/viewpoint that makes them feel rightetous or loved than actually get up and get involved in something. Don't get me wrong, technology/academia/sounding boards have their place in the development of a person but we've quickly become a nation of followers without merit cuz everyone would rather have the established views speak for them as to not show "weakness" or "vulnerability".

If you still can't make this out...don't sweat it. It's probably the generational divide...nothing more.
I think this is more of from a gap of ideology than it is from a generational gap. Again, I respect "life experience", but I still don't see it as particularly valuable. You could give two different people the same "life experience" and they're going to be different people. People are more a product of what they read and think-- their internal-life-- than they are of what they've experienced externally.

But I may still not understand what you're saying by "life experience."
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