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McGinest hadda go. $7M he is not. Important, sure. But not the best player on the club, and at the age of 34... well, he's not a $7M guy.

I suppose with the CBA done, the Pats will take a shot, but I wouldn't be entirely surprised to see them try to get younger on the outside AND inside at LB.

I think Dallas wins the Willie McGinest sweepstakes, as they were, if only because the Browns are currently focused on obtaining LaVar Arrington.

Javon Walker wants out of Green Bay. Interesting. If he's healthy... he's not El, but he'd do as the Steelers #2. The interesting bit (and Michael Smith seems to try pretty hard to get these angles) is his anger with Favre for speaking about his holdout last season. I can hear Peter King now, on his "gotta live by the contract" high bobby horse****, but I will contend till someone suggests a reasonable alternative that players should either have guaranteed money or legal recourse to scrap a contract at will without repercussions. The owners have this freedom. Sometimes, as with Walker, things don't work out, and he needs a new team. Is he being, as Anthony would label it, "thin-skinned?" Yeah, probably. But, at least he's doing the right thing (imo) by telling his new coach that he simply doesn't want to be there anymore.

I mean, he's talking retirement, he wants out so bad.

Free agency starts in just over 13 hours.
Thank God.
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