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We've been over this before, Schilling can't win 30, it's impossible, he won't get enough starts. the second half is different from the first half, players lose a little, pitchers get fatigued, their curves don't break as much ( except for Barry Zito's, but that's a story for another day), they lose a bit on their fastballs, etc. Now I'm not saying Schilling will flop in the second half because he didn't last season and he's too good, but he is human. I agree with Marc, Shill will win 23-25 ( I'm betting on 25 though), strikeout at least 350, walk 30 ( at the most), and have an ERA around 3.20. He's a lock for the NL Cy Young. He doesn't need to win 30, he's proven he's the most dominant pitcher in the game.
Good pitching beats good hitting any day of the week.
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