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Originally Posted by 5pts
1. Houston Texans Bush, Reggie, RB USC

With the hiring of Gary Kubiak as the new Head Coach it becomes more clear that Bush is the Texans guy. Bush provides a versatility that is nothing short of amazing. With Bush and Davis in the backfield, the Texans will be able to bring in a 1-2 punch like Kubiak used in Denver this past year. Many speculate whether Houston will trade down. Itís a tough decision to make. Bush is a once in a lifetime prospect and could be the best college football player ever to enter the draft but the Texans biggest need is with the offensive-line. DíBrickashaw Ferguson would look nice as the ďfootballĒ pick but the ability of a Reggie Bush is just to much to pass up.
Also, with the Texans exercising the 8 million dollar option on Carr this weekend it almost makes this a lock unless they trade down to pick up some extra picks with an eye on getting someone like Mario Williams, Ferguson or Hawk.

13. Baltimore Ravens Williams, Jimmy, CB Virginia Tech

The Ravens looked like on paper at the beginning of last season that they could of brought home the Lombardi Trophy but that was not the case. A team who in my opinion underachieved all year long has some weak spots in the secondary. Jimmy Williams who many believe to be one of the top defensive backs in this draft is versatile enough to play either free safety or cornerback. Obviously there is a need at free safety but Williams could replace Deion Sanders as the nickel back as well when they run certain schemes. Many believe Williams is a future shutdown corner. While I think itís a little early to expect that much out of him he does have the potential like a former teammate at Virginia Tech in DeAngelo Hall had. If Williams is off the board than I could see Baltimore looking at Winston Justice. If they fail to sign Jamal Lewis then I could see LenDale White at this pick. Right now though Jimmy Williams is one of the best players on the board and he fills a need.
I don't know aren't they pretty well set at CB for the next few years with McAllister and Rolle? Seems like a pretty high pick for a guy to play nickel back for a couple of years. I think they may look at RB or possibly LB if the newly circulating rumors of Ray wanting out of Baltimore have any merit.

14. Philadelphia Eagles Hali, Tamba, DE Penn St.

The Eagles have many problems on and off the field. They could go in a couple of directions. With Hali on the board I donít see them passing on him. Hali is a workhorse and is the #2 projected end in the draft. He would be an upgrade over Kalu and at worse would add quality depth. I wouldnít rule out DeMeco Ryans either since an upgrade over Keith Adams and even Dhani Jones wouldnít hurt. Santonio Holmes is a possible pick as well but I donít see him as a top 15 pick. If they do decide to go receiver which is possible I would expect them to trade down. Ultimately though I like what Hali brings to the table. Heís an intense athlete that has a motor that keeps on going like the energizer bunny. He could add some size as well and has trouble with double teams but with Jevon Kearse on the other side that shouldnít be too much of a problem and itís something that can be worked on.
I don't know that DE is going to be that high on the draftboard for the Eagles this year. Trent Cole played really well once the Eagles inserted him into the regular rotation. He had 41 tackles, 5 sacks, and 5 TFLs over the last ten games of the season. The starting slot opposite Kearse may be his to lose right now. I could see them going LB or WR though. Also, don't rule out Winston Justice at this spot either. Tra Thomas is coming off of a serious injury and both he and Runyan are on the wrong side of 30. Justice played RT at USC last season and most of the experts think he is good enough to play the left side in the NFL.

21. New England Patriots Lawson, Manny, DE North Carolina St.

The Patriots took a step back this season after winning 3 out of the last 4 Super Bowls including the last two. With Willie McGinest and Teddy Bruschi getting up their in age itís time to find a replacement. I think Lawson is the best 3-4 Defensive end/linebacker in this entire draft. After his senior bowl outing he clearly passed Mathias Kiwanuka for the 3rd rated defensive end on most boards. New England has away of getting the best out of their players. Lawson who is a freak, can run in the 4.5 40ís would be a perfect outside linebacker for them. One thing they lacked this year was the outstanding depth they had in previous years. With Lawson they would have a future replacement for McGinest or he could even start in his rookie year. A freak of talent with tons of potential was often overlooked because of teammate Mario Williams. There are some people in the North Carolina State community that believe Lawson is the better player. They could also go with a defensive back to add much needed depth to that area and maybe find a new starting corner. Donít rule out LenDale White if he fell to them or maybe even Laurence Maroney.
Could be a bit of a reach here as most of the local media here have reported him being a second or third rounder. Although he will need to play in a 3-4 scheme in the NFL.

27. Carolina Panthers Maroney, Laurence, RB Minnesota

With the Panthers likely to cut Stephen Davis this year and Nick Goings in my opinion not being nothing more than a situational change the pace type of back, Carolina may look to address their running game this year. Now Deshaun Foster has shown signs of being a great back in this league but heís inconsistent and often injured. He is also a free agent so he may not even be back. With Maroney on the board Iím not sure if I can see John Fox passing on a back who is as durable as Maroney has been. Maroney can carry the ball over 30 times a game and he did it many times at Minnesota. He has great break away speed and runs with a purpose. Heíll provide a home run threat to a team that needs some help on offense to take pressure off of Steve Smith. This is my gamble pick Iím making. Iíve always thought about a Maroney or White to Carolina but since I projected Carolina to win the Super Bowl they would never be around at pick #32. Now with the Panthers at pick 27 there is a chance that Maroney is around at pick #27. Pending the free agent moves they make the Panthers could go in a couple of directions. Obviously if they find a starting caliber running-back in free agency they wonít go this way but this is could be a possible scenario.
Early indicatons are that the Panthers won't have to cut Davis as he is likely to retire. I am not so sure the Panthers would take Maroney unless he bulks up between now and the draft. John Fox likes backs who go 225-230+ that they can run between the tackles and Maroney is only listed at 205. With guys like James and Alexander available via free agency they may make a run at one of those two as they fit the Panthers offensive philosophy a little better and may take the best available reciever at this spot since Proehl is a threat to retire and Keary Colbert went in the tank this year. With a bevy of TE talent in this year's draft I could also see them going that route if Davis, Pope, or Mercedes Lewis are available. Kris Mangum just is not cutting it as an option in the passing game.

31. Seattle Seahawks Cromartie, Antonio, CB Florida St

The Steelers will look at a couple of things. I believe the need of a free safety and corner are some of their concerns. Cromartie who would of likely been a lock for a top 20 pick had he been healthy all year will most likely drop to the later part of round 1. He could be gone by now as well. If he is I could see them looking at Tye Hill or addressing their line with Charles Spencer. If he is on the board though I would have to imagine them taking a guy who can play both safety and corner. Cromartie could come in and maybe start at either or for them. If he had stayed in school and had a healthy year we would have been talking about Cromartie as a top 10 pick in the 2007 draft. He opted to come out though which surprised many people including myself.
I don't know seems a bit of a reach for a guy who missed the whole year with a blown knee and needed some polishing on his coverage skills coming into the season to begin with. The reason he was seen as a top of the draft guy for '07 is they were assuming the natural progression of coverage skills which did not occur this year.

42. Arizona Cardinals Lewis, Marcedes, TE UCLA

While I think the Cardinals should look elsewhere they do have a need of a tight end and since Denny Green loves to throw the ball why not surround whoever is going to play quarterback with as many weapons as you can. I do see them adding a few lineman in the later rounds and going after Mike Bennett in free agency to play running back. I expect them to give J.J. Arrington one more chance with Mike Bennett. More like a hunch really.
No way he slips this far. Most have him rated no worse than two as far as TEs go some even have him one. He should go before Pope does.

46. Philadelphia Eagles Moss, Sinorice, WR Miami (FL)

The Eagles have a need at receiver. If they decide to pass on one in round 1 which I believe they will theyíll likely consider someone in round 2. Moss who was the MVP of the Senior Bowl has jumped the charts a lot. With the success of guys like Steve Smith and Santana Moss, the size of him might not be as much as of a concern as most would think. Much like Smith and Moss he has that ability to take a simple screen to the house.
I doubt he slips this far either given that he is one of the guys who helped himself considerably at the Senior Bowl.
His 40 time likely means he goes a lot higher than this.

64. Pittsburgh Steelers Hagan, Derek, WR Arizona St.

Hagan stock had dropped but I expect him to bounce back at the combine. He shows solid speed and runs great routes. He dropped many balls in the game and in practices as well but I believe itís more due to nerves. He was pretty consistent at Arizona State and has this pick as great value and potential to the Steelers.
Yes, Hagan's stock fell somewhat at the Senior Bowl due to a couple of sloppy practices where he dropped some passes and he is being billed as a guy with good size and hands. I don't know if he has fallen quite this far just yet though.
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