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Question Are The Leafs Getting A Defensemen?!

with the whole "cujo's out, leafs need a goalie" ordeal, a lot of people are forgettin about yuskevich being out too...the leafs also need a defensemen...kasparatis would be a good fit in toronto...but he probably wont' even be traded....but i heard thsi trade:
Cory Cross and prospects for Lyle Odelein...
if the leafs got odelien that woudl make their defense one of the best in the NHL for the playoffs...lookat this defense core
McCabe - kaberle
Yushkevich - Odelien
Lumme - Berg

Odelein is an experienced high-leve energy player who plays his position...with him and yushkevich it would be very hard to get past that defense...also, odelien won a stanley cup in 93 ....
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