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As a former debate coach, I can say Kerry would win this easily if this were a classic debate, or even if victory or defeat in this debate hinged upon number of salient points made and number of opposition points refuted.
That's because Kerry can, well, complete a cogent thought. His wife can speak fluently in five languages, which is five more than Duh-bya can.
But victory or defeat will be determined by perception.
Unless Kerry can be resolute, clear and speak the language of the common man -- as opposed to the language of the U.S. Senator -- the analysis after the debate will begin with the sentence, "Bush did better than expected."
Kerry said that Bush has never lost a debate: Not against Ann Richards in the Texas gubernatorial race; not against Gore in 2000.
That's largely because Bush has been good at creating low expectations for himself, then exceeding them.
And if Kerry can't break that string now, he's got no chance -- none -- of winning on Nov. 2.
By the way, 'tart, there was a great story that ran on the Associated Press over the weekend about all of the Bush flip-flops. Read it if you get the chance.
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