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Originally Posted by HibachiDG View Post
You act like Burrell is some kind of huge force batting behind Howard. I mean, it's certainly not a given that Burrell is a huge step up from Edwin Encarnacion.

(I'd take Encarnacion over Burrell fairly instantly and hope that he can get his 2007 AVG back and keep some of the pop from last year...but, both of them seem to be prone to long slumps)

Second, Howard had the 81 walks this season that you pointed out, but 107 and 108 in the two prior seasons. Howard has more pressure on him to drive in runs, I would say that Howard swings at more junk pitches than Dunn because of that. Dunn hasn't really played in a pressure situation...where a walk isn't as good as a hit.
It's not just the guy hitting directly behind the hitters that effects one's BA with RISP. As Ken pointed out, the men on base in front of them play a big part in that, not to mention the rest of the line-up.

Howard has MORE pressure to drive in runs than Dunn did in Cincy? In Philly, there are probably 5 guys capable of driving in 100+ runs a season. In Cincy, Dunn was the only run producer for most of his career.
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