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Texas has a HUGE question mark at QB this year. Try again next year to beat OU. Not this year. Not this decade, but... no to Texas.

Miami doesn't have the burden of QB issues, Berlin having been an on and off starter for Spurrier the QB Switcher. Berlin's a decent QB, and Crudup apparently strong enough in the spring game to make it a close race.

I think there's some potential of an SEC team making the game with one loss, but I really don't buy this Auburn thing. Don't be surprised to see Tennessee make a run this season, as long as they stay healthy. Georgia's also strong enough to make a run, but I don't believe in the Dawgs, either.

I figure OU will run the table, and it won't matter who they play in the Sugar Bowl. HOWEVER, I like Michigan or Ohio State as decent matchups against them. I think OU will win, health as an important caveat, and it doesn't matter much who they play.

Virginia Tech's non-conference schedule is too weak to get them into the top 2, even if they beat Miami. The only team of value that they play out of conference is Texas A&M, with this year looking a bit down from last year for the Big East. Miami could be a lesser team, WVU will be down. Pitt is the strongest contender, in my mind, to the Miami-Virginia Tech 1-2 duology.

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