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I'm not a Madden fan.
The only thing I like about him is his game, and I've tired of that, too, so...

That said:
Yeah, he only won one Super Bowl. George Allen won none, but is in. George Halas never won a Super Bowl. Neither did Paul Brown. Marv Levy never won, either.
(Yes, with the exception of Allen and Levy, they won titles, but...)

Madden's finishes were like this:
69: Lost AFL title to Kansas City
70: Lost to Baltimore, who went on to win the Super Bowl
71: no playoffs
72: Lost to Pittsburgh in the Divisional round of the playoffs, who lost to the undefeated Dolphins
73: Lost to Miami in AFC Championship Game (SB winner)
74: Lost to Pittsburgh in AFC Championship Game (SB winner)
75: Lost to PIttsburgh in AFC Championship Game (SB winner)
76: Won the Super Bowl
77: Lost to Denver in the AFC Championship Game (SB loser)
78: no playoffs

Is it Madden's fault that his Raiders ran up against two of the great runs in national football history (Miami & Pittsburgh)?

I find it difficult to hold it against him. The guy went to five straight AFC title games... and lost four. The one he didn't lose, he won the SB.
While it'd be easier to pronounce as great someone who lost four of five Super Bowls, it's hard to argue against him simply because he had the misfortune of being a darn good coach during a time that Shula and Noll were running everything in the NFL. Erase those two guys, and Madden might have won five straight Super Bowls.
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