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Originally posted by mjames:

Spike, beating the Mavs is nothing to cheer about, IMO.
Why not? Everybody and their grandma picked the Mavericks to beat us. We were the underdogs. You even picked the Mavericks to beat us. And the Mavericks couldn't even take it to a Game 7, let alone a Game 6.

That doesn't mean I think the Mavericks are as good as the Lakers. If anything that last series with them should prove to you guys who have been singing the Mavericks' praises all year long and going ga-ga over the Van Exel and LaFrentz trade that the Mavericks are not Championship material, at least not this year.

Your real test will come next round, so be ready. Think the measuring stick is against the Mavs?
Of course not, I don't. The Kings don't even think that. They were pretty subdued after the win last night, unlike last year when they went crazy after eliminating the Suns at Phoenix.

Heck no, everyone knows it's against L.A. and no one has proven they can beat them in a series.
Very true.
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