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Originally Posted by catman View Post
Fresh, the framers of the Constitution put the election rules in place to avoid thoughts of this nature being passed as the law of the land.
What you propose makes the small states irrelevant in electing our President. Had Mr. Gore not lost in 2000, while winning the popular vote by a slim margin, no talk of this would have surfaced.
Very bad idea. Compromise is not necessarily a good thing. Collaboration is.
My system of proportional representation has nothing to do with the election of the president. Proportional only relates to the number of seats received in congress determined by the percentage of votes. Each state would still get 2 senators, and the allotted amount of members in the house. The number of seats in the house would be determined in each district, where a party receiving 10% of the vote in that district would be allowed to have 10% of the seats for that district. There would be more than one representative for each distict.

Small states would have just as much power in electing the president and would be allowed two senators per state.

My idea has no affect on smaller states whatsoever. All this does is create a system where more ideas are considered and more groups are represented.

If I was unclear in my description I apologize. But to be clear, this system would not hurt the power of smaller states. In fact, it might increase their power because the multiple issues of each state would be better represented in government by smaller, yet quite powerful, parties.
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