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Originally Posted by Marc View Post
I don't necessarily agree, but see what you mean. Those blind flag-wavers (usually right-wing) who proclaim "God Bless USA" and refuse to be critical of the government are no more patriotic than the liberals who want to impeach Bush. It's not anti-patriotic to criticize this administration, either. In fact, I think it's patriotic to demand better. It's a dangerous road to have blind allegiance. This country was founded based on questioning authority and rebelling against the Brits.
I agree that we should demand better from our elected officials than we have received over the past generation. Politicians appear to have gotten complacent and lazy. The Republican "revolution" in 1994 woke the country up a bit, but the momentum died quickly.
We need to demand better candidates from both parties or the country will become ordinary. That is unacceptible, IMO.
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