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Originally Posted by doublee View Post
The BCS has little to do with it. The conference championship structure is all regulated at the NCAA level. The NCAA is who decided that a conference needs 12 teams to have a championship game.

If the Big Ten wanted to do such a thing as you propose they would have to get it approved by the NCAA and that is not going to happen without other conferences getting behind it.

Maybe this is the horse-racing enthusiast in me coming out: Every time exotic wagering has been expanded - from exactas to trifectas in the late '70s, then on to superfectas, and, most recently, the "Super High Five," I've always speculated on carrying it one step further; and sure enough I'm all over the horse-racing forums these days trying to drum up support for a new "Six-Pack" wager, calling for the bettor to select the first six finishers in one race (not to be confused with the Pick Six, which is won by selecting the winners of six different races).

The Big East kicked Temple out when they refused to join the conference for basketball preferring to remain in the A-10.

Ah, but who has had the last laugh with that?

And what does Iowa State get from moving to the Big 10? How about a meaningful rivalry with Iowa? (In the same vein, I support an eventual NFL expansion team for San Antonio, and its placement in the NFC East, to give the Cowboys something they desperately need - a natural geographical rival).
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