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Originally Posted by NAR(cotics) View Post
The Reason they are a playoff caliber team is because nobody else is playing good football right now. Name the wild card teams? The Chiefs have the weakest schedule they are probably going to get in.
The AFC Wild Card teams are coming out of any division other than the AFC West. New York and New England both have a shot of coming out in the East, Baltimore and Pittsburgh in the North, and just about any team (probably outside of Jacksonville) in the South.

Personally, I still like San Diego to win the AFC West. They are a team that traditionally starts slow, but they have one of the best offenses in all of football. I would also take a team that knows how to score points (San Diego) over a team that is struggling to manufacture points (Kansas City).

I like San Diego at St. Louis this week, which would put them at 3-3 on the season. I also think they should be favored in six of their last seven following their bye week. If they can find a way to split there games between New England, Tennessee, Houston and Indianapolis, they still have a very good chance of winning 10 or 11 games this season.

With Houston and Jacksonville next on the schedule, Kansas City could easily be 3-3 in a couple of weeks. I also don't like them on the road against San Diego, Denver or Seattle, plus the Tennessee game at home late in the season should be interesting. If the Chiefs lose seven games, at best, I think it will be tough for them to find themselves in the hunt for a Wild Card spot.
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