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Cool NFL Pointspread Contest: Week 17

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Game Day Ritual
The Next Generation of Fantasy Baseball

Here are the opening lines for Week 17:

Sunday, January 2:

NEW ENGLAND* 14 over San Francisco (1:00 PM EST)
Cincinnati 3 over PHILADELPHIA*
BUFFALO 7 over Pittsburgh*
Minnesota 6 over WASHINGTON
CAROLINA 7 over New Orleans
BALTIMORE 9 over Miami
Detroit 2 over TENNESSEE
CHICAGO 2 1/2 over Green Bay*
ST. LOUIS 2 1/2 over N.Y. Jets
HOUSTON 11 over Cleveland
Tampa Bay Pick'em ARIZONA (4:05 PM EST)
SEATTLE 5 1/2 over Atlanta*
DENVER 6 over Indianapolis* (4:15 PM EST)
Kansas City 2 over SAN DIEGO*
N.Y. GIANTS 1 over Dallas (8:30 PM EST)

Home team in CAPS; national TV game in red; other designated tie-breaker games in blue.

*Denotes team that may rest players.

NOTE: There are only 15 games in this week's contest because the Jacksonville at Oakland game is void due to no opening line being quoted on it as of 12:00 Noon EST on Thursday.

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to designate three games as Best Bets. These are used to break ties between pickers with the same overall record; if no Best Bets are included the picker is placed behind all others who have the same overall record.

Deadline for posting picks is kickoff of earliest game listed.

Any unpicked game counts as an automatic loss, even if game ends in push vs. spread. If a poster has left a game unpicked, the selection on that game may be added at any time before the kickoff of the earliest game played that week (if I notice that someone has left a game unpicked, I will attempt to contact the poster by sending a private message; however there is no guarantee that I will catch every single one, especially in the case of picks posted very late in the week). Under no circumstances can any pick be changed (from one team to the opposing team, or changing a Best Bet from one game to another) once it has been posted.

Pushes count as ties (half a win and half a loss) in determining both overall record and record in applicable tie-breakers.


There will be a Playoff Pointspread Contest, which will be separate from the regular-season contest. Here's how it's going to work:

Each week within the playoffs is cumulative, and the winner will be decided after the Super Bowl.

In the wild card round, each cover is worth 4 points and each push (if any) 2 points; in addition, pickers will designate one of the four wild card games as a Best Bet, and if the Best Bet covers it is worth an additional 2 points, or 1 point if the Best Bet pushes.

In the divisional playoffs, each cover is worth 8 points and each push (if any) 4 points; in addition, pickers will designate one of the four divisional playoff games as a Best Bet, and if the Best Bet covers it is worth an additonal 2 points, or 1 point if the Best Bet pushes.

In the conference championship games, a cover is worth 14 points and a push 7 points, and in the Super Bowl a cover is worth 20 points and a push 10 points.

Thus if someone goes 11-0 in the playoffs they would earn 100 points.

While failure to participate in the contest in a given week does not disqualify a picker from winning or placing in the contest's final standings, any entire week skipped results in no points being earned for that week.

A new thread will be opened each week for the posting of picks; however, for the Super Bowl, the picks will be sent to me via Private Message and will not be posted on the thread until after the game (this way nobody knows which side anyone else picked and therefore cannot intentionally agree or disagree with someone else). After the Super Bowl is over, the envelopes will be opened, so to speak, and the final results announced.

If there is a tie in points at the conclusion of the contest, priority will go to the picker with the best overall record in all 11 games; if this is tied the results of the two Best Bets will be used. If these too are tied, if one tied picker had the Super Bowl picked correctly (against the spread) and the other didn't, the correct picker wins; if the tied pickers had agreed on the Super Bowl pick (or the Super Bowl ended in a push against the spread), the pickers' records in the conference championship games will be used, followed, in order, by the records in the divisional playoff games, the Best Bet in the divisional playoffs, and the records in the wild card games.

Standings After 16 Weeks

1. Jeff Boswell: 354
2. MaddEnemy: 346.5
3. KevinBeane: 338
4. Nate: 337
5. Doug Graham: 213
6. abogdan: 191
7. Orange Man: 183
8. Marc: 146.5
9. bama4256: 130.5
10. Anthony: 125
11. gconnhokiebird: 72
12. Hero: 52.5
13. Alex: 49
14. MountaineerDave: 48.5
15. ESP0704: 13.5
16T. #99: 0
16T. DublinMike: 0
16T. Digital7: 0
16T. franky: 0

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