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lol, I absolutely HATE McCreary....every Flyers game he officiates he has at least 2 complete BS calls. The only thing McCreary does right is that he doesn't care what the score is or how much time is left, he doesn't let calls slide because it's late in the game etc. Fraser is probably my favorite referee, plus he gets bonus points for the hair.

make sure they are upheld by penalizing refs who dont' comply (which I'm sure they do not).
That is where I believe the union comes in. In a perfect world, referees would get fined for consistently making bad calls and for missing calls. The problem is, I doubt any labor union on earth would ever accept that into a contract, that the referee loses money for every bad call. The only real power the NHL has is picking who officiates the playoffs based on quality, but that still leaves 82 regular season games with inconsistent officating and referees who miss or make bad calls with no accountability. There was a newer referee this season, Angus, he would not let a fight happen during one Flyers game. He kept breaking the players up, getting between them, and as two players went to start swinging he jumped in the middle. It was like he was on a mission to make sure not a single fight happened under his watch, meanwhile you have 20,000+ philadephia fans (and me screaming at my TV) booing because they paid, on average, 100$ for a ticket, and the damn referee won't let the players fight. He also made several weak/borderline calls, he just tried to control the game too much. He was fair in the calls in that both teams were given weak penalties, but it ruins the flow of the game. Plus the fact that the Flyers are a much better 5on5 team then a special teams....I was fuming.
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