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Moss, because he's already on my team.

Moss has missed 5 games in 7 years. That's playing through various ankle injuries and back spasms. If he didn't care, why play at all?

Why not sit out, instead of playing hard through back-to-back 5-11 seasons, and a 6-0 collapse last year?

don't engage in trading F-bombs with fans during the middle of games.
T.O. has antagonized fans plenty in his career. Don't be niave. Dallas Star? Ripping down banners in Cleveland?

Not saying they are terrible incidents, but hardly any better or worse than PRETENDING to moon Packer fans. Fans that do the REAL thing to opposing teams as they leave Lambeau Field, mind you.

Best in the league by far, hands and routes.
No, he's not BY FAR the best WR in football. Maybe if he was playing in NFL Europe he'd be the best BY FAR. Any league with Randy Moss, Marvin Harrison, Chad Johnson, hines Ward, etc does not have another WR who is "by far" the best.

Besides, Harrison runs better routes, Moss has better hands and is faster. T.O. is a freak of nature and is one hell of a football player and WR, but is not BY FAR the best, and isn't even the best at the criteria you stated.
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