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Well if you want to put it into smart or stupid, I guess while I would like to use the term ill advised, I'll change it for the moment to stupid when you are a known sub par team without Vick & you actively choreograph running plays for the absolutely only guy on the field you can ill afford to lose.

While the Falcons have dodged the bullet so far this year, to not show a bit of restraint & allow Vick to mature as a QB & wait till you have a go-to receiver to help that maturing along & shore up the OL while they get a better feel on where Vick is behind them due to that maturing, etc. , is trying to "harvest before the crop is ready".

So in other words, no one is suggesting telling him not to run but saying that it's silly to risk your teams future by having Vick be a halfback at times. Besides, the pounding he's already taken in the league will catch up to him sooner or later & if he's not matured into a well rounded efficient QB by that time, his effectiveness will be in the past....
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