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Originally posted by mjames
Any update, guys?
yeah, yeah, yeah!!!!!! I've been busy with doing my homework early so I can watch baseball the rest of the night!!!!! This weekend, though, I'll have time to work on this... draft the teams, think of some challenges, and then we can get set to work!! ; hopefully all the preliminary work is done by a week today. Heck, I'll just draf the teams now!!!

PHP Code:
Team One
NickHammy    Nick
Ross in Big D    Ross
bostonsportsfan    Sean
SC Brandon    Brandon
bama4256    Keith

Team Two
mteeter        Matt
RickDogg    Rick
Peck        Peck
Nate        Nate
-Jared    Jared, you guys have to discuss it and suggest a team name for each of you "Team 1" & "team 2" are kinda dry... just throw a name out there and see if your teammates like it.
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