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Default Silver Dragon's Wildcard Weekend Picks

The 2007 regular season is now a thing of the past, something to be referred back to and talked of in past tense, but the post season is fresh and new and at the top of topics to discussion and debate. Welcome to the 2008 post season battle field. Now itís a fight between the best of the best for a chance at the covenanted title of World Champions and the fulfillment of the dream of the elusive honor of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy high into the confetti filled air. This week the top teams with lesser records in the regular season will fight to prove their worth to advance into Divisional match ups where they will test their will against their conferences best. Who will prevail and move forward? Who will be sent home with shattered dreams? Only the fourth quarter whistle will tell the tale, but Iíll tell you who I think are goingÖ Welcome to the Wild Card Weekend.

First Round Bye: New England Patriots, Indianapolis Colts, Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers

Saturday, January 5th, 2008

NFC Wildcard
#6 Washington Redskins(9-7) at #3 Seattle Seahawks(10-6) 4:30PM (NBC)
The Redskins defense has been allowing an average of 91.1 rushing yards per game this season and should prove problematic for an ineffective Shaun Alexander and back up Maurice Morris. The Seattle run defense hasnít been bad, but they will have to up their game against Clinton Portis whoís 1262 rushing yards is ranked 6th in the NFL and who is fourth in rushing touchdowns with 11 this season. Add an effective Todd Collins, who has yet to throw in interception or lose a game since filling in for Jason Campbell, and Matt Hasselbeck may have his work cut out for him in this match up. The Seahawks may have been 7-1 at home this season, but chances are the Skins wonít be willing to give in easily.
Redskins finish on top of a hard fought road game.

AFC Wildcard
#5 Jacksonville Jaguars(11-5) at #4 Pittsburgh Steelers(10-6) 8:00PM (NBC)
Just three weeks ago in Week 15, the Jaguars made this trip to Pittsburgh and upset the favored Steelers home team. They werenít affected by the snow, swirling winds, cold temperatures and soft, soggy field, a perfect field and beautiful weather arenít needed for a smash mouth run offense. If the weather isnít permitting for David Garrard to take to the air, where he has a 64% completion rate and has 18 touchdown passes with only three interceptions, they can simply lean on the running tandem of Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew to get the job done. This team is set to run down a second win in Pittsburgh as the loss of Willie Parker could prove to be detrimental to the Steeler offense.
Jaguars advance to Divisional to take on undefeated Patriots

Sunday, January 6th, 2008

NFC Wildcard
#5 New York Giants(10-6) at #4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers(9-7) 1:00PM (FOX)
The Giants put up quite the performance last week against New England, showing they have what it takes to control the field. However, as all teams that have nearly upset the Patriots, they were unable to hold on at the end. This week the Giants will have to travel for their first post season match up. This could be good news for a team that has been 7-1 on the road this season. The key to a Giants victory will rely on the driving leg force of Brandon Jacobs as he matches up against a Tampa defense allowing an average 107.9 rushing yards per game. If Tampa can shut down Jacobs, their stingy pass defense, who is only allowing a league low average of 170.9 passing yards per game, could make for a long day behind center for Eli Manning. A good match up and a game worth watching, only one will be able to walk out a winner.
Giants find a lead, and then manage to hold on for a close victory

AFC Wildcard
#6 Tennessee Titans(10-6) at #3 San Diego Chargers(11-5) 4:30PM (CBS)
The Titans were able to hold on and win in Indianapolis last week and grab hold of the last Wildcard slot in the AFC. But just getting into the playoffs may not be enough for this team to advance in the playoffs. After a slow stumbling start, the Chargers have been running on a hot streak named LaDainian Tomlinson. If the Titans intend to win in San Diego they will need to find away to neutralize LT from the Chargers offensive equation. If they can rest the fate of the game on Philip Rivers shoulder the Titans have a good opportunity for success, but how do you stop LT? And can Vince Young and LenDale White punch holes in the sturdy Chargers defense? In the end, I think it will be too much to ask of the Titans organization.
Chargers bolt forward to advance into Indy

The games are around the corner, the tensions are running high. Iíve told you who I think will win, do you agree? Only one way to find out, meet ya at the television set, tailgating at the field, tuned in on the radio, or around the corner at the local bar, itís time for some football.
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