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Originally posted by buckeyefan78
If you recall Shawn, I still consider myself a Laker fan. I said that since I've been a fan longer than that no personality, selfish, no respect for elders, defensive gambling ego maniac has been alive, I was sticking it out. I can wait til he breaks a leg or someone locks him in a storage room deep inside the Staples Center and throws away the key (hmmmm ?)

I will say that WHEN Buss gives the go ahead and retires his number, then that will present a problem. His jersey has NO RIGHT to be beside #32. Note to self: call L.A. County Sheriff's Department and see how much the fine is if you break in the Staples Center and remove one framed jersey and wipe your a** with it. I thought we had settled that.
We'll just let it be obvious to EVERYONE ELSE that you can't be a CURRENT fan of the Lakers and hate Kobe Bryant that much.
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