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Some random musings on a few of my favorite threads:

20,000 Posts Thread
Easily the most valuable thread in the community. Without it, it would be much harder to get to know the people on the forum. In fact, I felt that's what the old Games & Trivia Forum was so good for: getting to each other. All of the threads on that board brought the community closer.

I have a lot of good memories of staying up all night and posting with Nate and Tarkus in that thread. Another good thread was the 500 Pictures Game. I remember it started with Nate and I posting some of the most random pictures, and ended with a bunch of pictures of hot women. This was such a good time for SC: Franky was posting a lot, Tarkus was just emerging, and a lot of the old guys were still around, pitching in.

Somewhere along the line, I posted non-stop about poker in 20k thread. I kind of feel bad about that; I wish I could delete all of those posts-- they were a waste of time for everybody.

My favorite thread that I wrote was My Orientation Speech To All New Members… Buckeye didn't seem to get it at first, which made me feel like it had failed, but other people then ended up getting it

Fireworks and Ellis' Words Of Wisdom are both close seconds; I am really proud of creating both. I'd try and analyze them, but I think they speak for themselves; they're posts that I felt were dadaist in nature, but at the same time had a good message.

I don't know why, but I liked PirateBob's political campaign. It just goes to show that some really interesting characters have come and gone on this site.

Threads that I never really liked (the anti-favorites) were the ones in the political forum. We all could have done without reading CK and PhilAb. babble about nothing for 10 pages. However, DET and InTheNet were interesting. They tended to post just a few sentiences per post and they were always pretty strong statements. I wonder what those guys are like in real life. Do they live like that in real life? Never really backing up their statements, just whipping people with a few lines and then leaving the conversation with no doubt in their mind as to how right they are?

Anyways, that's about it for now. I'll add more later.
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