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Here's more praise for Andre Tippett's complete LB skills, maybe the most reliable source I've seen so far. The relevant excerpt:

"Tippett, the Patriots' director of community affairs, was considered the best linebacker in the AFC during an era when Lawrence Taylor ruled the other conference. An outstanding pass rusher who also could handle coverage, Tippett was a force against the run after a stint in junior college and a standout career at Iowa."

Redskins' Monk, Green headline HOF class; Tagliabue shut out again - NFL - ESPN

Another one on Tippett, apparently a quote from Irving Fryar:

“Anything LT (Lawrence Taylor) could do, Andre could do it just as well,” said former Patriots teammate Irving Fryer. “He could rush the passer just as well, stop the run just as well, (and) cover backs out of the backfield just as well. He just never got the notoriety of LT because we played up in New England.” Honoring Andre Tippett

And something pro-Tippett-as-complete-linebacker from Mike Vrabel quoted in an article from the Worcester Telegram and Gazette, though I have no idea if Vrabel actually saw him play or not:

“It’s more than deserving, it’s long overdue,” Patriots linebacker Mike Vrabel said this week. “You can’t really talk about outside linebackers without saying Lawrence Taylor and Andre Tippett. To me, this is a guy that rushed, covered, played against the run and put up a lot of great numbers when linebackers really weren’t doing those types of things in the ’80s.” - A product of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette
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