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Originally Posted by SeahawKnDC
Another Hater!!!
It the same thing game after game. The Seahawks get no respect. All we do is win everygame that the sports world basically gives us no chance to win. When will you respect us. Well you what i have come to realize the Hawks wont get the respect we deserve until we win it all. Hopefully that will come this February. Finally the Seahawks have made it to the Superbowl. All you die hard fans out there join me in one BIG WE TOLD YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!:lol:
I love IT!!!

Hasselbeck 20/28 Unfreakin believable.
Haha...I gave you guys the respect, but you don't give the Steelers the respect. Number six seed, beat 1-2-3 seeds, on the road.

Roethlisberger 21/29 is pretty freakin unbelievable!
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