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SEATTLE 21 (+10 1/2), New Orleans 20 - As if the NFL doesn't have enough hot issues on its plate these days, between the 18-game schedule and the seemingly-impending lockout. Well after this result, you can add a nasty internal cat-fight over the playoff seeding format. This is the largest point spread favoring the road team in postseason history - yet the Saints have never, repeat never, won a playoff game on the road! Not only that, but they will be without both of their top two running backs, Pierre Thomas and rookie Chris Ivory. Furthermore, a "Super Bowl Champion Jinx" seems to be developing alongside the better-known Super Bowl Runner-Up Jinx, in that it's been five years since a defending Super Bowl champion has so much as won a playoff game the following season. And if that's not enough, what our cousins across the pond like to refer to as "wintry showers" are in the forecast for Seattle on Saturday - exactly what a domed-stadium team needs. It all adds up to the week's upset special - and about a half-dozen more "Yes" votes for changing the procedure under which teams are seeded in the playoffs at next spring's owners' meeting.

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