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Talking Pre-Training Camp Chat

As a new poster I could not help but notice that all of the threads bare just one author. I did not want new/potential members to think that other posters were not eligible to start threads as well.

This is an open thread for the discussion of all NFL teams and your thoughts, opinions, and predictions. Please feel free to post and let's get this forum energised.

To start, many team focused forums will post a thread asking how well their members think their team will succeed in the upcoming season. If you don't fall into line and predict a brilliant Super Bowl winning season, then your team loyalty is seriously attacked. At this time I don't wish to reveal the NFL team that I like, but I don't see them even winning their division.

You are welcome to post for/against any team as you please, but be ready to support what you post. I've found that internet posters will call you on your facts and hold you to account for your post.

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