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What? You guys are smocking crack. I dont give a sh** if he has a billion or a trillion dollars no NBA franchise owner acts the way he does. The unstopable bulls, the old time celtics I can go on and on. No team in NBA's history had such a moron as a owner as Cuban. Give me a break its called passion? So passion is having court side seats and acting like your bank account went down to zero everytime a ref misses a call or you team loses? No team once again had such drama and a pathetic owner like that moron. In boxing 2 guys talk trash for monthes untill the fight then they get their faces bashed and get knocked out but when its all done and over for the most part every fighter gives credit to the guy that put him down on the canvas. Cuban has no one to give credit to. Instead of keeping a cool and just acting like a owner he acts like a player on the bench plus the coach together as one. If you're a Cuban fan then sorry to say that you have no passion for the game. The game of basketball is not made for drama qweens or stupid moron billionares who cry like little 12 year old girls. The game of basketball should not focus its attention on some guy who made money and bought a team so hey lets put the camera on his ugly face everytime he jumps off his seat and yells somemething louder then any audicance member. The game of basketball should is for the players to show their skills and us fans to enjoy it. Weather the team we like wins or loses thats the game and thats the hole fun of it waiting for that one day until your team goes all the way. All this bullsh** about Cuban should be kept behind closed doory if he likes drama then he should dump his ungly ass wife and go gay he looke like he can fit just fine with his 3 stooges hair doe anyways.
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