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Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
But what if there is no longer a BCS? And if they would add as many as four games for a given team in a 12- or 16-team playoff, what's one more for two (and if the winner is good enough to earn a first-round bye in a 12-team playoff, one) out of the 100-plus teams of the FBS, which rather obviously would need to be renamed if a playoff is ever implemented?
The BCS has little to do with it. The conference championship structure is all regulated at the NCAA level. The NCAA is who decided that a conference needs 12 teams to have a championship game.

If the Big Ten wanted to do such a thing as you propose they would have to get it approved by the NCAA and that is not going to happen without other conferences getting behind it.

What about Temple?
The Big East kicked Temple out when they refused to join the conference for basketball preferring to remain in the A-10.
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